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The grumpy editor has an update on his old project -- The exceedingly grumpy editor's accounting system update

Scheduled combined Startup Business & Accounting BOF for 12:30 - 13:50 Thur 22nd @ Social Science 206

Anyone interested in discussing the state of accounting software for Linux?

  • Anthony Towns - can talk about prepping Linux Australia's books using easy, cheap, Australia-specific software that runs under wine, and isn't free.
  • Jethro Carr - My company has been developing an open source accounting product to be released in February 2009, providing accounting,timesheets and service usage billing functions. (details at Happy to talk about this and provide a demo.
  • Paris Buttfield-Addison - know absolutely nothing about accounting software in general, would like to get started with FOSS software to assist with my business...
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