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The Linux Gooey

Andrew Doull

The Linux Gooey - An exploration of why Linux needs a Game Maker and the evolving language of games.

Games development for open source gives a skilled programmer a vast palette of possible tools with which to design games. But non-programmers are left out in the cold by the meritocracy of the open source development model, while the closed source commercial model has evolved to empower them through user content generation tools. How can we empower our users to contribute to the open source games: where do we need to set the skill bar, what languages should we choose, and how do we get them to make art?

The autobiographical perspective from a developer with over 10 years experience maintaining a complex open source games project.

9:30 - 9:55 (25 minutes)

Andrew Doull is an IT manager from New Zealand who spends his free time at developing Unangband, an open source roguelike game, blogging about game development and maintaining the procedural content generation wiki. He also writes as the Amateur for GameSetWatch.

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