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Claudine Chionh: Public history in the digital age


Public history is a field that seeks to return the study and interpretation of history to the wider community. While 'professional' historians with academic training may be involved, public history is largely focused on and driven by 'amateurs' -- genealogists, local history societies and others who collect and collate sources and interpret and present them for a general audience. The increased use of the internet in recent years has created new opportunities for opening up sources and archives to the world, and for collaboration and public presentation of historical research. In this presentation I will describe two projects that aim to collect and publish historical sources on the web and to work with local and family historians to maintain these as dynamic historical resources.


After training in history, Claudine worked first in public libraries, where she became acquainted with informal education, then in public health research, where she began her apprenticeship as a database geek. She now works for the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne, where she is involved in collaborative research and teaching between historians, health professionals, scientists and geeks, both inside and outside the academy.

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