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Freedom: ItSAllFunAndGamesUntilSomeoneWantsToSueYouReportingInTheAgeOfCitizenJournalism

Sarah Stokely: It's all fun and games until someone wants to sue you: Reporting in the age of citizen journalism


The internet has radically changed what it means to be a journalist but at the same time the laws, structures and ethical framework for traditional reporting have been weakened or rendered meaningless. Sarah Stokely talks about the pitfalls, challenges and blissful freedoms of being a blogger and citizen journalist in the post-print world.


Sarah has worked as a tech journalist and editor in Australia and the UK since 2000. Sarah's commitment to reporting on the tech industry was rewarded in 2004 with a Best General Technology Journalist award at the IT Journalism Awards. Sarah launched Australia's first independent politics and current affairs blog network, for Crikey ( As launch editor of Lifehacker Australia, Sarah built the blog and its community into a Top 20 Australian blog within 6 months. Sarah launched The Open Source Report, a news and blog site in January 2008 to report on Open Source technology and the Open Source community in Australia and around the world.

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