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Simon Greener: A Review of Australian GeoData and Providers


This talk will attempt a review of the geospatial data space within Australia. The talk will outline who the main players are, what spatial data is available, and the licensing options that cover their use. An assessment of the licenses will be made. In particular the talk will outline the data that is available for free and, and after establishing the various uses of that data, assess how important that data is to various sectors and individuals within society and how it might benefit society as a whole.


Simon Greener has some 22 years IT experience, including 2 years developing database mainframe applications and 3 years researching geospatial solutions at Telstra (research created Censis's spatial division), 2 years conducting GIS research at University of Tasmania, 5 years as Director, Technical Solutions at Salamanca software (including designing first Whitepages web database and application for Telstra), 1 year as technical architect with Geographic Business Systems (GBS), 7 years as GIS Manager at Forestry Tasmania and 3 years as an independent geospatial consultant specialising in spatial databases, data quality, solutions architecture, executive dashboards.

  • OSGeo - the Open Source Geospatial Foundation
  • Australian & New Zealand OSGeo chapter
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