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LCA 2004 started at Wed Jan 14 08:00:00 2004.

Linux.Conf.Au is Australia's national Linux conference - it will be held at The University Of Adelaide, from Monday January 12 to Saturday January 17, 2004. This event is run by Linux Australia with help from LinuxSA.

This conference is one of 3 major, international, grass-roots open-source conferences world wide - the other two are the Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) and Linux Kongress.

The conference itself is split into 2 halves - the mini-conferences and the main conference. Concession, Hobbyist, and Professional delegates are welcome to come to either or both, as their registration covers both events.

Miniconfs: Monday Jan 12 and Tuesday Jan 13
Main Conference: Wednesday Jan 14 until Saturday Jan 17

Conference News

February 10.   Linux.Conf.Au 2005...   Posted by michaeld
Did we mention that Linux.Conf.Au 2005 is going to be in Canberra between April 18-23, 2005?

Book that leave, save them pennies, come to LCA2005!

January 18.   Hackfest Winner Announced!   Posted by michaeld
The IBM HackFest prize winner, for a Tetribot named "beth", is Geoffrey Bennett.

His prize is an IBM pSeries deskside server model p615 with Dual 1.45GHz Power4+ CPUs, 4GBRAM, 2x146.8GB Ultra 3 SCSI 10,000 RPM Hard Disks, DVD ROM drive, 21" Colour CRT Monitor. SuSE Linux Enterprise server 8.2. with a retail value of over AU$39,000.

Wow! Congratulations Geoffrey! And thanks IBM for your generosity!

January 18.   "Best Of" papers announced!   Posted by michaeld
The best paper presentations for the conference can now be announced! They were:

Andrew "tridge" Tridgell with his paper on A tour of my junkcode directory.

Dan Shearer with his paper on Linux and Simulated Systems.

Steve Baker with his paper on The Gstreamer Multimedia Architecture.

Jeremy Malcolm with his paper on Could SCO v IBM Happen to You?

Congratulations speakers on gaining this recognition!

January 18.   HP Work In Progress and FIXIT Winners announced!   Posted by michaeld
The winner of the HP Works In Progress "best presentation" is Duncan Laurie. He'll receive an HP iPAQ, generously donated by HP!

The winning team of the HP FIXIT sessions is Robert Collins (leader), Mark Suter, Gavin Baker, Brian May and Dave Peterson. Each of these winners will receive an HP iPAQ, with Robert also getting a wireless networking card for being the leader.

The first runner up team of the HP FIXIT sessions is Daniel Stone (leader), Thom May, Matt Wilcox, Trent Lloyd, and Gus Lees. Daniel will be receiving an HP iPAQ, with all team members receiving a wireless networking card.

The second runner up team of the HP FIXIT sessions is Tim Ansell (leader), Colin Charles and Keith Packard. Tim will be receiving an HP iPAQ, with all team members receiving a wireless networking card.

Many thanks to HP for providing prizes for these conference events to encourage participation!

January 18.   Oracle questionaire winners announced!   Posted by michaeld
The winner of the 3 Oracle hand-held GPS units given away as a raffle are Michael Cohen, Anshul Gupta and Neale Banks.

Linus Torvalds drew these names out of the box full of questionaire forms at the conference close.

Thanks again Oracle - these qre great prizes!

January 17.   Conference all over!   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 has all finished - thanks to sponsors, speakers and conference attendees alike!

Follow our wiki for event follow-ups, photos and reports.

Just FYI, we raised $AUD6280.45 for the Cystic Fibrosis Association by dunking Linus Torvalds and many other speakers and organisers. Thanks to those who got wet!

We also raised a little over $5500 for ITShare (ComputerBank in South Australia) by auctioning off a t-shirt signed by all our speakers.

And finally, we also raffled off an Apple PowerBook signed by Open-source luminaries, raising $2800 to be shared between Reachout and Canteen. Thanks to Apple for this wonderful donation!

See you all next year in Canberra!

January 16.   Sun Microsystems Regional Delegates Programme   Posted by michaeld
Congratulations to Matthew Palmer for taking out the national RDP prize...

Mr Duncan Bennet, Sun Microsystems, and Matthew Palmer, Sun RDP National Winner 2004.

January 15.   Apple charities announced!   Posted by michaeld
The charities that will benefit from the Apple PowerBook raffle are as follows:

These charities will equally share all proceeds raised. Thanks again Apple!

January 15.   LinuxSA LUG on Tuesday night - All invited!   Posted by michaeld
If you're staying in Adelaide this week, and you'd like more Linux, come to our local LUG and hear Matthew Wilcox talk on things PCI bus related :-)

7pm on Tuesday January 20 at 139 Frome Street.

See the LinuxSA web page for more details... See you there!

January 15.   Selling merchandise....   Posted by michaeld
We're selling left over conference merchandise from our conference this year, and we've even got a few bits and pieces left over from last year's conference too. Stop by our registration table to buy that T-shirt for your partner, or a CD of last year's proceedings, or whatever else you can find!

Reasonable prices, just above cost :-)


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