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february 6 - 9
university of qld,
brisbane, australia


About 2002 is Australia's national Linux conference. It will be held at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, from 6 to 9 February 2002. It is the third conference of its kind, following the outstanding successes that were CALU 1999 in Melbourne and LCA 2001 in Sydney.

Latest News and Events 2003 underway!
February 19, 2002

The super-keen Perth-based organisers of 2003 are ramping up. You can find all the latest news at

Registrations Closed -- No, Really! We Mean it!
February 6, 2002

Due to overwhelming respsonse, registrations are now irrevocably closed! Anyone who has already sent a registration form will be accepted, but no more on-the-day registrations can be processed.

PlanetMirror welcomed as a conference sponsor
January 31, 2002

The conference is happy to give a warm welcome to PlanetMirror in their role as a conference sponsor; they are providing advertising for the conference as well as web and FTP space for the conference proceedings and website.

Travel page updated to include directions to Hawken Engineering Building
January 31, 2002

You were told it was in Brisbane, at The University of Queensland. Now we tell you where at UQ. Our travel page has been updated with all you need to know to find your way around the UQ campus to the conference. Check the travel page for details. welcomes OSDN as media sponsor
January 19, 2002

We have pleasure in welcoming OSDN as our official media sponsor (hi slashdot). OSDN, the Open Source Development Network, is the leading news, collaboration and distribution community for IT and Open Source development, implementation and innovation. Each month, more than 5 million IT professionals, developers and systems administrators visit OSDN destinations -- delivering more than 110 million page views per month. OSDN sites offer IT news, development tools, distribution and discussion channels, cutting-edge editorial, and ongoing education and evangelism among the IT and Open Source community.

Preliminary Schedule Available!
January 10, 2002

The conference schedule is up! It's still subject to change if some speakers can't make it, or if some of the talks need rearranging, but those of you who've been holding your breath for this can be released from the emergency wards now... For Debian folks, don't forget the Debian Mini-Conference Schedule is now up too.

New Year's Update
January 9, 2002

Did you know that in a month you'll either be completely exhausted after spending up to a week hearing, talking and thinking about the niftiest new Linux gizmos, or you'll be kicking yourself for having missed out on all this excitement? Which will it be? Only you can decide.

The schedule for the Debian mini-conference is up: it's being held on the Monday and Tuesday before (4th and 5th) in the same venue as a bonus to all you Debian fans out there (non-Debian fans are asked to kindly refrain from crying havoc and to check the leashes on those dogs of war). The schedule for the conference itself is a touch more complicated, and should be up tomorrow, for those of you turning purple with anticipation.

Online registrations open and extended deadline!
December 29, 2001

Online registrations are now open, thanks to the folks at CommSecure -- see the Registrations page for details. Additionally, the early bird and group discounts are now available until Sunday the 6th of January, so if you've been putting off registering you've now got a couple more days to save a few bucks.

Domain matches name
December 24, 2001 now has the domain to go with the name. Many thanks to the legendary Robert Elz.

Accommodation details updated
December 19, 2001

More details on recommended accommodation have been added to the Travel page, and a few more speakers have been added to the Programme. So what are you waiting for? Go register and book your accommodation now!

Speaker and paper descriptions added
December 14, 2001

We are in the process of contacting and confirming the conference's speakers; the list of speakers is being updated as this process continues. Check back often for descriptions of the speakers and their presentations.

Registrations are open!
December 10, 2001 (updated December 11)

Conference registrations are now being accepted by mail; online credit card registrations (courtesy of our sponsors, CommSecure) will be coming soon.

A brief summary of how the GST affects conference pricing has been added to the registration page. Please note prices have not changed; the GST is not charged for conference registration.

Hello Slashdot!
October 29, 2001

Hi to everyone visiting from the only thing on the Internet that can generate more traffic than the latest worm!

One quick word of advice: if you want to keep up to date with the conference without having to remember to fire up your web browser every week, subscribe to the announcements mailing list.

Debian Mini-Conference!
October 26, 2001

James Bromberger, using secret arts passed down from ancient times, has somehow convinced the LCA organising committee to make room available for first Debian conference outside Bordeaux! More info at the DebianCon page.

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