Linux Australia signs MoU with WordPress Community support to facilitate WordPress events in Australia

Linux Australia signs MoU with WordPress Community support to facilitate WordPress events in Australia

In previous updates, we’ve flagged that we’ve been in discussions with WordPress Community Support to enable the WordPress community in Australia to leverage some of the facilities Linux Australia has, in order to grow WordPress and open source more generally. We’re delighted to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding has now been formally signed between the two organisations, outlining how this will work. The specifics of course will be ironed out in due course, and your feedback on execution is as always warmly welcomed.

In the interests of transparency and openness, the entire wording of the MoU is given below – I’ve declined to attach the PDF version as it has Josepha and mine signatures on.

The initial Responsible Persons appointed are long time community members from the Aussie WordPress community – Dion Hulse and Dee Teal.

A huge thanks to both Andrea Middleton and Josepha Hayden of WordPress Community Support for all their efforts to reach an excellent outcome.



Linux Australia, Inc.

ABN 56 987 117 479

PO BOX 4788, SYDNEY 2001



WordPress Community Support, PBC

660 4th Street #119

San Francisco CA 94107

1. Rationale

WordPress Foundation and Linux Australia wish to partner to facilitate the growth of WordPress-related events in Australia.

2. Objectives

Specifically, the two organisations wish to;

make it easier for members of the WordPress community in Australia to stage events

by providing event infrastructure, such as seed funding, banking access and event insurance

thus growing and strengthening the WordPress community in Australia

and facilitating additional growth, adoption and robustness of the WordPress platform

and facilitating additional awareness of the opensource basis of the WordPress platform, and opensource paradigms in general

3. Roles and Responsibilities

Linux Australia will undertake to;

provide seed funding up to an amount approved by WordPress Foundation, to a nominated Responsible Person(s)

provide event insurance to the event being held by the Responsible Person(s)

provide bank account access to the Responsible Person(s)

WordPress Foundation will undertake to;

Provide periodic payments to Linux Australia covering the amount of seed funding

Notify Linux Australia of approved amounts, events and Responsible Persons

4. Governance structure and reporting

The Responsible Officers for this MoU are;

Ms Katherine (Kathy) Reid,
President, Linux Australia <>

Ms Josepha Haden,
Community Wrangler, Automattic <>

Kathy and Josepha are the main points of contact for each organisation.

5. Dissolution of MoU

This agreement may be dissolved at any time, by either party, for any reason.

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