Linux Australia Grants Scheme

2017 Grants Program

Linux Australia is delighted to announce the availability of $AUD 35,000 for open source, open data, open government, open education, open hardware and open culture projects, as part of the organisation’s commitment to free and open source systems and communities in the region.

What Grants are available?

Linux Australia Grants can be sought for the following purposes:

  • Overhead costs such as hardware, or bandwidth for an open source, open data, open hardware, open education, or open culture project
  • Resources such as web space, hosting, mailing lists
  • Advertising or media coverage of an open source, open data, open government, open education, open hardware or open culture event or conference
  • Bulk ordering of items that may be useful to user groups or special interest groups
  • Support costs for a community project that utilises Free and Open Source Software, data, hardware etc.
  • Other costs related to the delivery of the project or grant objective, within reason. Reasonable costs may be included in the grant application for labour / professional services.
  • Direct sponsorship requests are handled separately and should be forwarded to

    Higher weighting will be ascribed to Grant Applications in 2017 in the following areas:

    • A Grant Application which seeks to write a voting module in CiviCRM to replicate the current voting functionality of MemberDB, which would be released under an open source license, preferably GPL.
    • A Grant Application which seeks to engage with youth and emerging cohorts of free and open source software, data, hardware and related technology, with the aim of improving Linux Australia’s early pipeline of Members. This Grant Application would, for example, seek to engage with universities and TAFEs and related organisations around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.
    • A Grant Application which seeks to improve service delivery and/or offerings to Linux Australia’s older members, for example retirees. This Grant Application would, for example, seek to engage with Senior Citizens centres and related organisations around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

    Partnership with Cartesian Creative to support User Experience (UX) related Grants

    Cartesian Creative, a Melbourne-based user experience, design and software agency, are partnering with Linux Australia, offering up to $4k matched funding on Grants aimed at improving the user experience (UX) of open source software projects. Matched dollar for dollar by Linux Australia, this means that UX improvement projects could receive up to $AUD 8k in funding.If you are applying for a User Experience related Grant, this should be made clear in your application. The process for applying is the same.

    What are the conditions of the Grant?

    The Grant Applicant must:

    • Outline the project, timelines, objectives, deliverables, risks, risk mitigation and skills of the project team as specifically as possible
    • Be a member of Linux Australia
    • Be a person willing to take responsibility for making the request on behalf of the project
    • Agree to the responsibilities he/she must undertake if the Grant is awarded
    • Supply Linux Australia with any necessary receipts for reimbursement
    • Provide Linux Australia with regular project reporting. Reports will be published to the website.
    • Incur all expenditure for the project before 30 September 2017. The project may continue beyond 30 September 2017, however all expenditure must occur before this date.

    What is the application process for the Grant?

    Carefully consider your grant request, and reach out to other members of the Linux Australia community to gather feedback. The Council ( is available for feedback.

    Submit your Grant Application to both the council and the membership by emailing it to and

    The Grant Application will be open for a period of two weeks to allow the community to provide feedback on the Grant Application.

    At the end of the review period, the Council will take a vote on the request, taking into consideration the views expressed by Members on the linux-aus mailing list. You will be notified of the result, alongside reporting expectations, shortly after a vote is taken. Council meets fortnightly.

    Suggested template for Grant Application

    Your Grant Application should address the following points:

    • Project name
    • Aim of the project, including any key stages or milestones of the project
    • How the success of the project will be measured
    • Estimated cost breakdown of the project, including any materials, projects or online services that are required to deliver the project. The cost breakdown should include estimates of labour costs and/or professional services
    • The project team, their credentials and professional capabilities, especially their history of open source, open data, open hardware or open culture contributions
    • Person responsible for project
    • A statement including a willingness to provide regular project updates on the project

    Who do I contact for more information?

    Linux Australia Council -