Linux Australia Grants Scheme

Please carefully read the guidelines below. At the bottom of the page is a cut and paste application form, ready to fill out. Send to You can find a non-exhaustive listing of approved grants on the grants page.

Linux Australia - Guidelines for distribution of funds

What Can I Apply For?

  • Overhead costs such as some bit of hardware, or bandwidth for an open source project
  • Resources such as web space, hosting, mailing lists
  • Advertising or media coverage of some event or conference
  • Bulk ordering of items that may be useful to many LUGs/SIGs
  • Support costs for a community project that utilises Free and Open Source Software
  • Support for organising an event or conference*

* Note that financial support for events through the grants scheme is limited. More substantial seed funding is available through dedicated Linux Australia event support.

The applicant must:

  • Outline the need as specifically as possible
  • Be a member or affiliate of Linux Australia
  • Be a person willing to take responsibility for making the request on behalf of the project
  • Agree to the responsibilities he/she must undertake if the application is accepted
  • Supply Linux Australia with any necessary receipts
  • Provide Linux Australia with a brief report as to how the project went, results, etc. Optionally publishing how funds were used and the status of the project on a related webpage. Reports will be published to the website.

The request must:

  • Be for the good of a project that relates to Linux or Open Source
  • Have some tangible result (such as a finished bit of code, a piece of hardware, a web site) so the community can feel the funds are being well used
  • Be submitted to
  • Must have specified milestones, and attempt to meet them (e.g. I will port Linux to the Gronk 4281 within 6 months)
  • Have open documentation procedures if possible (i.e. an open developers mailing list, CVS repository, whatever is reasonable for that project)
  • Must credit LA with sponsorship on their website, with an appropriate link


  • For seemingly worthwhile sponsorships less than $100 the Linux Australia Council will make the call, and post an announcement to the linux-aus mailing list, to keep members informed. Two council members must agree to any single request of this type
  • The grant limit will not exceed $2000 in any calendar month until modified by the committee
  • Linux Australia retains the right to refuse project requests at its discretion


  • Step 1: Read through the previous successful grant requests, talk with people on the committee and in the community about your potential request.
  • Step 2: Put your request to both the council and the membership by emailing it to  and
  • Step 3: The request will be put up for a 2 week review period by Linux Australia members.
  • Step 4: At the end of the review period, the council will take a vote on the request, taking into consideration the views expressed by members on the linux-aus mailing list. You will be notified of the result along with the membership as soon as possible after the vote is taken.

Application Form


Project Name:

Aim of Project:

Person Responsible for Request: