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HUMBUG - Home Unix Machine, Brisbane User Group

HUMBUG is a Unix (for example, *BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.) user group that meets fortnightly at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Have a look at the About page for further details.

Unix and Linux (which is Unix like) are Operating Systems (OS for short). Some of these, including Linux, can be downloaded for free and installed on almost any type of personal computer. For more information on what Unix/Linux is, see Unix101.

Humbug's mailings lists are available for anyone to join. Please be careful about what you post as this is a public forum. For information about how to use the mailing lists and which ones you should join please go to the membership page.

CQLUG (Central Queensland Linux Users Group)

  • http://cqlug.linux.org.au/
  • email cqxlug@gmail.com for information.
  • join the mailing list:  http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/cqlug
  • chat: #cqlug on the freenode irc network
  • organiser: don knowles 

GCLUG (Gold Coast Linux Users Group)

The aims of this group are to:

  • encourage the use of Linux
  • assist with Linux installation and maintenance
  • provide a means for Linux users to meet and exchange ideas
  • encourage Linux use for both Web and Intranet development
  • make new friends and enjoy interesting company

Subscribe to our GCLUG email list or go to our website.

Developer Groups


BrisbanePUG A monthly get-together of the Python Users in Brisbane to discuss problems, share interesting developments and provide an audience for presentations. Food and drink are provided by our sponsor. If you're interested in coming along or giving a presentation, please send a mail to Stephen Thorne.

Brisbane PHP Group

Brisbane PHP Group A group of PHP web developers meet and talk about web development, jobs, tricks of the trade, and projects they are working on. When possible we have presentations and Q&A time. Any level from newbie to php-o-holic are welcome.

MySQL User Group Brisbane

MySQL User Group Brisbane MySQL community members interested in sharing experiences and ideas on the popular MySQL database software.

The Brisbane Ruby Brigade

The Brisbane Ruby Brigade Programming in the Ruby language.

Brisbane Perl Mongers

Brisbane Perl Mongers Perl Mongers are individuals who are interested in the Perl programming language, and involved in their local Perl community. Membership to Brisbane Perl Mongers is free, and an excellent way to network with fellow developers and make new technical contacts.

OSDGC (Open Source Developers Gold Coast)

OSDGC is an informal gathering of developers who contribute to open source projects or simple use open source in their day-to-day work or projects. It is modelled on the OSDClub. We meet on an informal basis usually over a beer or coffee. Please join the mailing list to see what we're up to. We are also behind an effort to organise a barcamp on the Gold Coast and we have started the site www.itgoldcoast.org as a central directory of IT community groups on the coast.