WordCamp Sydney April Report

Things are well and truly underway, ticket sales are happening, would like them to be happening faster, but isn't that always the way it goes?

We've had a number of great speaker applications and are stoked to have Kate Carruthers and Joe Ortenzi on the roster great players in the Sydney Web/Social Media Scene.

The website is up and getting reasonable traffic, if your'e interested you can read more at http://2012.sydney.wordcamp.org

We have a few issues we're working through with WordCamp central - mostly around ticket price and sponsorship. Difficult to strike a balance between what's fair and reasonable and keeping that all within WordCamp's open source ideals) I've a call in with the WC organiser Andrea sometime today and will be able to report more when that's over, if of course, those issues are of interest.

Next big push is for getting sponsors, which has been difficult to do given the above issues, hopefully the conversation with Andrea will make it possible for us to push more down that path.

We're keen for international speakers and as such are conversing with a couple of other WordPressers overseas with a view to bringing someone down under. This will largely depend on budget.

Think that's about it for now...

Dee Teal

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