2013 Nominations

Andrew Tridgell

  • For being lovely and a little bit mad.

Andy Gelme

  • Andy has been a leader in the Melbourne Hackerspace community for several years. His tireless efforts have seen Melbourne host the first Victorian MakerFaire, and his leadership has steered the Melbourne Hackerspace community to become an inclusive, focussed and progressive organisation.

Brenda Wallace

  • Brenda Wallace is a major mover and shaker in the New Zealand Free Software scene, including political activism concerning intellectual property and open government. It's hard to find a good bio of her: someone renominate her with a substantial bio please!

Brianna Laugher

  • Brianna has stepped back from community organising recently, but has significantly contributed to the intersection of the Free Software and Free Culture communities in Australia. Brianna created the Free as in Freedom miniconf at linux.conf.au (2009), introducing Free Culture topics to LCA in a substantial way (and hosting Rusty's inter

Donna Benjamin

  • Donna has worked tirelessly in the free and open source software community in Austalia for several years. Her work in establishing Linux Users' Victoria, in particular the Beginners' Workshops, has given rise to a strong and growing presence in Victoria. Of late, her efforts in bringing a DrupalCon to Australia, and in representing regiona

Pia Waugh

  • For tireless work promoting open source and open government in Australia.

Sridhar Dhanapalan

  • A mainstay of the Sydney free software community. Organiser of events and past president of SLUG. As Engineering Manager at OLPC Australia, he works to get free software into the hands of the Australians who need it most - children in remote Australia. His work has been awarded by the federal government, who are funding OLPC Australia w