Software Developer/ Software Engineer and DownUnder GeoSolutions

We're looking to add a few superstars to our team - the merely great need not apply. Superstars are analytical, focused, creative, and passionate about high-quality software. It doesn't matter if you have a degree, dropped out of school, or how much experience you have; if you're in the top 1% of your craft, you know who you are.

DownUnder GeoSolutions' reputation for excellence in seismic data processing and geophysical interpretation is in no small part due to a suite of powerful software developed by a small, nimble team of engineers. The DUG software team builds tools for a wide range of tasks from massively-parallel cluster computation to desktop 3D visualisation. The software is not only used by our internal team of geophysicists, but also sold commercially.

Your colleagues will be a small group of extremely smart, energetic, productive problem solvers. You would work on ambitious software challenges: large-scale data processing; on-the-fly manipulation and visualization; high-performance 3D graphics; design and development of tight, task-focused user interfaces. Whatever software challenges you're interested in solving, there's an excellent chance that you'll find them in what we do.

We feel that most of our competitors have lost their focus on their users, and on the rapid pace of scientific development in the community we serve. We offer a different type of solution, and a fully transparent pricing model. Our presence as a fast-moving, innovative upstart who focus entirely on our customers has been extremely well-received.

The requirements for the position are simple: excellence in critical thinking and problem solving; expertise developing software (in any form); good taste when it comes to software design; and being a great person we love working with. Let us know you read the whole job description by including the word ‘shibboleth’ in the subject of your email. Anything else is a bonus. Don't know anything about geoscience? Doesn't matter. You're a superstar, and you can learn.

So if you do in two hours what the rest of your team accomplishes in a week; if you taught yourself to write software; if you want to work with other superstars of your pedigree; if you want to topple dinosaurs; then we want to hear from you.

- high- and detailed-level design of complex geophysical software,
- implementation, testing, and maintenance of software in Java and/or C,
- inspection and maintenance of software written by other members of the team,
- becoming conversant in basic geophysics and petrophysics, common industry workflows, unique DUG algorithms, and competitors' technologies,
- acting as 3rd-level technical support, for otherwise-unresolvable customer issues,
- supporting internal users in the company's service divisions, often involving critical, time-sensitive issues,
- providing and receiving regular, constructive feedback to and from your peers,
- collaborating on priority and scheduling for rapid product iterations,
- acting as mentor for an exceptional intern or junior developer.


- demonstrated expert-level skills as a software developer in C, C++, and/or Java,
- a history of advanced work in some of our major focus areas, such as 3D visualisation, data management and I/O performance, human/computer interaction, highly-parallel computing, or numerical processing,
- excellent written and spoken business and technical English, suitable for working directly with customers,
- experience working with globally-distributed teams and remote management,
- impeccable professional references or a recognisable shibboleth

(We suggest that most people require at least 10 - 15 years of serious programming, either for fun, at school, or at work, to reach this level.)

An attractive salary will be negotiated based on skills and experience.