Renegade Software Architect Home-Based (Versata/DevFactory)

Have you designed and implemented a wildly useful open source software tool? Have you used major parts of the Linux Kernel? Are you red (2200+ rating) on TopCoder or a Top-50 reputation holder on Stack Overflow?

If this is you, or you’re comparable and can explain why, we want you. We are paying $60/hr ($2400 fixed price payment for trial performance to successful hire) for a DevFactory Renegade Software Architect. You’ll have to sign up or have some affiliation with an approved staffing and payment platform – you know the kind; it’ll charge a percentage fee on your gross earnings. The pay rate for United States citizens and permanent residents is $48/hr to cover W-2 processing.

We are Renegade Software Architects, and we automate monotony! With concise scripts, we navigate roadblocks by insightful workarounds: we conquer complexity with simple APIs.

Technical Skills You’ll Need
As mentioned above, you should have accomplished one or more of:
• Implemented significant parts of the Linux Kernel
• Red (2200+) on TopCoder
• Top 50 reputation on stackoverflow
• Designed and implemented a wildly useful open source software tool

Non-Technical Skills You’ll Need
• Speak English. Write English. Not perfectly. But enough to discuss technical stuff with us.
• Video Skype capability, webcam, and you know how to use them to talk with us and do daily work.
• 40 hours per week available for this job.

How to Qualify
1. Show us who you are. We need verifiable identification, online skills tests, and a brief Skype video interview. Sorry, this part is not paid, but it won’t last more than a week, and if you’ve got the motivation, you’ll be done in a few hours.
2. Try out the job. During a one-week fixed-price trial assignment, prove to us that we should give you the full-time position of 40 hours/week at the job’s hourly rate. We’re looking for progress and dedication; if you show that, we may have other positions in DevFactory for you even if you don’t get the assignment quite right.

How to Start
We’ll make you a fixed price offer to start qualifying, and you’ll get detailed instructions as soon as you accept this offer for the test phase. (This is not the paid part, but it’s how we get you into the appropriate recruiting team room.)

How to apply

Click here to apply for this position:

We are also organizing a Webinar to present the "Versata/DevFactory Renegade Architect Role". Contact us at to partecipate, we have several dates available.