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Projects supported by Linux Australia

Linux Australia is assisting some home grown Linux Projects. These projects, big and small alike, help to advance and/or promote Linux. If you are running a project and would like Linux Australia to help you, send some email to the Linux Australia Committee,, tell us what you are doing and what sort of help you are looking for and we'll see what we can do to rummage up what you need.

The Projects already in operation are:

Name Description Coordinator
Linux Australia Grant Scheme Linux Australia is always looking for new ways to support and promote the Linux Community of Australia. Our latest proposal is a funding scheme to help out the local projects. We will have up a page soon to show the success stories, and thus far have already helped out a few projects with some hardware. Typical requests may be for hardware, resources, bulk item ordering (Linux Australia could act as a hub for orders to disctribute to the LUGs/SIGs around Australia). Check out the link and read the guidelines for making a request to find out how we can help you. Linux Australia Committee,
The ComputerBank Project Project Computer Bank is an Australian initiative to supply GNU/Linux systems to low income individuals, community groups and disadvantaged schools. All around the country they've done an amazing job! Check out their website for details. General Inquiries, Australia's number one National Linux Conference! After resounding successes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, the community is eager to see what the Adelaide team have in store for us next year. Check out the website and see where it's all at!

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