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T-Shirt/Coffee Mug design winner!

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Email if you are interested in purchasing a Linux Australia T-Shirt or making use of the logo.

Linux Australia is a pleased to announce Daniel Patterson has won the design competition for a Linux Australia Logo. Daniel's logo is designed using 'dot' painting, an art style unique to Australia's indigenous people. The logo features the Linux 'Tux' penguin sitting in front of a panel of Australian Aboriginal art.

Tux has become internationally recognised as the Linux mascot. Daniel's inventive use of Tux makes the logo instantly identifiable as both Linux and Australian.

As proof of the quality of Daniel's effort local user groups have already approached Linux Australia about producing t-shirts bearing the logo. Expect to see t-shirts and mugs sporting the all-Australian Tux soon.

Linux Australia would like to thank Daniel and all other participants in the competition.

Daniel Patterson may be reached at:

Linux Australia Tux

Conrad Parkers Linux Banners Project

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