At the 6 Month mark - an update from the 2003 Committee

We've made a lot of progress this year, and it couldn't have happened without the combined efforts of everyone involved with Linux Australia. So a big thanks goes out to you all - the Australia Linux community rocks! This is a summary of some of the things we've been up to. Please feel free to post feedback, comments (and compliments)! Plesae browse our activities report and especially notice the organisation strategic plan, and the proposed constitution changes.


First and most importantly, many thanks to:

Organisation Strategic Plan

In the first face to face committee meeting since LCA2003, the LA committee went through a lot. Andrew Cowie guided us through "Organisation Strategic Planning" ( to help us work out where LA is, what it's role should be and how we should go on acheiving it.

Proposed Constitution Changes

After many hours of torturous constitution discussion, we have a set of proposed changes that will help make Linux Australia an online and flexible organisation. We welcome suggestions and discussion on the linux-aus mailing list, or direct to the

Committee Meeting Minutes

The Committee Meeting Minutes are online and available in HTML and Openoffice format. The Committee has been meeting by teleconference every fortnight since January, and has been in close communication with the team in Adelaide.


Attending events, meetings some LUGs, getting in the media and more.

Current Projects

We currently have several projects either completed or in progress.

Upcoming Projects

What is planned so far for the second half of 2003?

Linux Australia in the Media

We've been mentioned in many publications such as: ZDNet, AustralianIT, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, LinuxCare and the fine LinMagAU. Check our website for URLs of the articles.

Treasurers Report

Get involved