Pre conference report 6 Jan 2012

Exceeded attendee target of 200 registrations. This includes all the speakers. Due to exceeding our rego break even point, plus a fantastic response to our sponsor prospectus we have also been able to make speaker registration free, and reimbursed all those who had already paid. We are also able to record all our sessions. These were two goals we were not sure we could commit to from the outset, so it’s really satisfying we’ve been able to do that.

The budget is well in the black at this point, so we’ll be speaking with the venue about upgrading our food and beverage package in order to return more value to our attendees.

We’re also running a post-conference code sprint.

Media coverage includes the following articles:
Drupal Downunder is in Melbourne this January – Angus Kidman…
Drupal conference comes to Melbourne – Sam Vargese…
Dries’ vision for Drupal 8 – Rohan Pearce

One of the sponsors – Cross Functional – offered to run a scholarship program and is funding two people to attend who would otherwise not have been able to do so.
Our goal of minimising conference swag, doonwoggles and printed sponsor brochures has generally been met with approval. We have exchanged “supporter” status sponsorship billing with a number of organisations for providing in-kind support or Digital prizes for our delegates. Attendees need to answer a quiz – the sponsor treasure hunt, to be eligible to win these prizes – as a way of encouraging them to learn about our sponsors, without the usual brochures in the usual conference bag.

Key stats

36 conference sessions – 4 tracks – adding 1 track above what we’d originally intended due to the huge response to the call for sessions.
3 keynote speakers – 2 International speakers, including Dries Buytaert, project founder.

1 platinum sponsor
2 gold sponsors
6 silver sponsors
3 bronze sponsors
8 supporters

Pre-conference training programs
– Object Oriented Programming with PHP
– MySQL query optimisation & server tuning
– Drupal7 in a Day
– Hello Drupal (free)
Post conference training
– Full Drupal Development package

Code of conduct

For subcommittee: