Open Query - Internal Systems Engineer

At Open Query (, we aim to provide a low or no-stress work environment ( and are among our spinoffs). You'll make a life, as well as a living. See it as a lifestyle choice rather than just a job.

We offer ongoing part-time contracts with a guaranteed minimum number of hours, as well as an agreed maximum. So you can have more free time, or do other things. We pay decent rates so you may find that part-time is quite sufficient for your life needs.
We're flexible, but we do take commitments seriously. Contact us, and we'll discuss...

We actively encourage geek women to apply!

Given the work-from-home and part-time nature of this job, it may be suited to a stay-at-home parent, but not exclusively so.

Job essentials
- intermediate/advanced skills & experience in system and network administration;
- expertise in Debian and Ubuntu based distributed infrastructure;
- shell and Perl scripting;
- live in Australia or New Zealand, with permission to work;
- self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
- excellent written/verbal English.

Range of tasks
- maintain internal infrastructure/systems so that our engineers can do their magic for clients;
- keep internal documentation up-to-date.

Core technologies: Ubuntu/Debian Linux, Xen, iptables/fail2ban, ssh, bzr, git, Apache, lighttpd, nginx, PHP, Ruby/Rails, Puppet, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, Zimbra, Postfix, Munin, rsnapshot, Redmine, Drupal 6, WordPress

We also use (and, where appropriate, integrate with) external services and companies such as New Relic, Launchpad, GitHub, Linode, Host Networks, IRC/Gtalk/Skype.

Sounds good! What next?
Detailed applications (resume in plain txt please) to:

j o b s (at) o p e n q u e r y (dot) c o m

Asking questions is encouraged! You want the gig, you "work" for it. Your initial message to us may already indicate inventiveness, attitude, approach, and so on. (For instance, doing things contrary to the instructions here is a good example of fail.)

We'll get back to you with some questions to assess your general, job-relevant and problem solving skills, and after that we'll have a chat in person, on the phone or over skype.

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