Linux Australia has a few committees that consist of enthusiastic individuals from the community who share a common passion.

Check out what the various committees below are up to, and even get involved if one tickles your fancy :) Or start your own after reading through the policy below.

Committee Policy

If a group wants to start a committee, they can write to the LA council with the proposed committee name, members of the team, purpose, expected duration, any funding requirements and methods of engaging with the broader community.

The committees are expected to report to the LA council monthly (for inclusion in a community monthly report done by the LA council to the LA mailing lists), maintain a website/wiki with up to date news, provide a reliable point of contact, and achieve what they set out to achieve :)

Committees are considered to be official part of the LA structure and can as such speak on behalf of LA in the context of their particular project. All press should be posted to the LA council 48 hours prior to release in order to ensure a consistent message from the organisation.

Project Committees committee

Every year teams from all around Australia bid for the right to run LCA in their home town/city. The successful bidders then have effectively a year to put together what is now one of the best technical FOSS conferences in the world! See information about the current efforts and find out how you can bid to run LCA one year at the HOWTO.

Education committee

The Education committee is a group of people interested in FOSS in education in any and all aspects. They have a wiki for sharing information that anyone can sign up for and participate in. If you have FOSS in your education institute (schools, unis, TAFEs), or you have training courses, online content, or anything else FOSS and education related, check out the website and help contribute to getting FOSS into education in Australia.

Advocacy committee

The Advocacy committee is a group of people interested in translating the message of Open Source to new audiences such as Government and Education. More details will be online soon.

Media committee

The Media committee facilitates the distribution of FOSS related media. Check out their website for what is new in Australian FOSS media.

Administrative Committes

Mirror committee

The Mirror committee maintain a high bandwidth mirror of Free Software, video and other content for the benefit of the Australian FOSS community. They rock, so contact them if you have anything cool to mirror.

Admin committee

This is a team of system administrators who manage the Linux Australia infrastructure. Contact them if you want to help out.

Press committee

The Press committee has a wiki website which outlines what they do, who is involved, and the projects and such they are involved with.

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