Council Minutes 26 August 2015

1. Meeting overview and key information
James, Josh S, Sae Ra, Josh H, Tony, Craige

Meeting opened by Josh H at 1947hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 12 August are correct
Moved: Josh H
Seconded: Tony
Passed 1 abstention

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list
Motion moved on list recorded In Camera due to time sensitivity

General correspondence

Mirroring of OpenVZ files from SERGEY BRONNIKOV
Forwarded to the Mirroring Team about the ability to take care of the mirror.
Currently the server may not have the capacity but to ask again in 6 months time.
ACTION: JOSH H to respond to Sergey regarding the mirror

New PyconAU 2016 Subcommittee proposal from RICHARD JONES
Subcommittee policy to be discussed between the proposed team members.
Subcommittee members to be added to the website once motion has been moved.

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
Discussion held about means of finding people willing to assist with both the maintenance of the website platform as well as the content available on this.
JOSH H to speak to Donna regarding this
UPDATE: Ongoing
UPDATE: to be moved to a general action item. To do a call for help to work on the website. Could this be treated as a project.
We need to at least get the website to D8 and automate the updating process.
ACTION: Josh to get a backup of the site to Craige
ACTION: Craige to stage the website to see how easy it is to update.
UPDATE: Craige to log in to the website to elevate permissions.
UPDATE: Still in progress
ACTION: Josh H to tarball the site.
Outstanding action

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
Update: Still in progress

ACTION WordCamp Brisbane - JOSH H to contact Brisbane members who may possibly be able to attend conference closing
ACTION: Sae Ra to send through notes on what to say to James.
UPDATE: James delivered a thank you message to WordCamp.
WordCamp was a successful event. Thank you to the organisers.
ACTION: Josh H to get a wrap up/closing report
UPDATE: Organisers are meeting and will submit a closing report.
UPDATE: Still in progress

ACTION: Josh H to follow-up on Invoices from WordCamp Sydney
UPDATE: Would be interested in changing the subcommittee structure for ongoing conferences. Conference committees to draft a policy.
UPDATE: Currently being followed up.
UPDATE: Outstanding invoices to be chased up.
ACTION: Josh to follow-up with WordCamp Sydney and Brisbane.

Admin Team draft budget from STEVEN WALSH
UPDATE: Awaiting for a more firm budget
UPDATE: Still awaiting

Sponsorship for DrupalCamp event:
for Silver Sponsorship valued at $500
ACTION: Tony to process invoice

4. Items for discussion

LCA2016 update
Payment gateway is discontinuing. A new payment gateway to be implemented and use.
Call for papers review has been completed and F2F is this weekend

LCA2017 update
Carrying on.

LCA2018 update
There are talks of some bids coming in.

PyCon AU update
Wrap up report to be sought.

Drupal South
Awaiting until next council meeting

Currently seeking sponsorship.
ACTION: Josh H to discuss budget items with OSDConf subcommittee.

Red Carpet awards are next week.
Josh S and Craige are attending the dinner on behalf of Linux Australia.
Thanks to Josh S, Josh H and James for reviewing the
ACTION: Josh H to arrange Josh S’ flights.

ACTION: Josh to check with Carly
Registrations are now open.

5. Items for noting
Meeting room for AGM has been booked.
ACTION: Sae Ra and Josh H to catch up with Kathy regarding the date.

6. Other business
Membership of auDA
Relationship already exists.
LA has the potential to influence the decisions that are made.
ACTION: Council to investigate and look into this further. To be discussed at next fortnight.
UPDATE: Carried to next meeting
MOTION: Josh H moves that LA becomes a Demand Class member of auDA
Seconded: Tony B
Passed unanimously.
ACTION: Josh H to sign up with LA CC
UPDATE: In progress
To be removed from future agendas.

Meetup payments for LCA, Humbug, LibrePlanet.
Clinton Roy has been funding the account.
We are currently paying for the SLUG meetup.
Deferred until current meetup account is evaluated and if it can use the LA account or if we have to create a new account.
LCA is now under the Linux Australia account
ACTION: Josh H to find out how to consume the other Meetup events: Humbug, LibrePlanet.
UPDATE: We may need to create a second meetup account.

7. In Camera
4 items were discussed in camera

2043PM Close