Linux Australia Member Survey 2013

The Linux Austrailia Member Survey was undertaken in November 2013 by partner organisation and long-time open source supporter, ACSPRI. The Survey was intended to identify Linux Australia's member pipeline and to guide strategic activities of the organisation over the next 1-5 years.

What are the key findings?

  • We have a previously under-recognised significant population who identify as retired and have needs for basic and introductory information around Linux
  • We have a poor pipeline of younger and student members that requires attention
  • Our voice for advocacy, influence and promotion requires strengthening
  • We need to promote more vocally what we do - Linux Australia is generally doing well; but there is room for us to do more
  • We need to keep affordable
  • There is a strong level of confidence in Council generally but more members would like to know us more
  • For many members this was the first communication they had received as a member.

Below are attached the Survey questions, report, and results in full.

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survey_12767_R_data_file-CLEAN.csv77.98 KB
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