Minutes of Council Meeting 22 November 2016

1. Meeting overview and key information
Hugh, Kathy, Tony, Sae Ra, Katie

Meeting opened by Hugh @ 1933hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 08 November 2016 are correct
Moved: Hugh
Seconded: Kathy

Agenda summary - key items for discussion this agenda

Discuss timeline and bid team inspections for expressions of interest received for LCA2019

This has been moved to Feb 2017.

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list

Email from JESSICA COATES from the AUSTRALIAN DIGITAL ALLIANCE - re: Joint letter of support for Productivity Commission recommendations
MOTION by Hugh Blemings for Linux Australia to sign the letter of support for Productivity Commission's recommendations as this is in alignment with our values of openness, and also in alignment with working more closely with like-minded organisations.
Seconded Sae Ra Germaine
Carried with no abstentions
MemberDB update and consideration of AgileWare quote
Kathy, chatted with Agileware and have asked for 2 quotes, 1 with trial quote and one with full hosting quote
ACTION: Kathy to take this back to the membership committee.
UPDATE 2nd August - MailChimp email has gone out, latest results are about 85.6% of respondents - 856 out of 2933 - wish to remain members.

FOR DISCUSSION: Is this approach (see Kathy’s email) appropriate?

UPDATE as of 24th August - a second round of MailChimp email has gone out - ostensibly to those who didn’t respond the first time. Some feedback rec’d that people have rec’d two emails - likely to be duplicate membership entries under different email addresses.
FOR DISCUSSION on next actions
Discuss next steps for Membership platform and review the 2nd round MailChimp email
Kathy walked the meeting through the statistics for the Mailchimp mail outs
MORE INFORMATION required around Membership platforms.
ACTION: Kathy to go back to Membership committee to see if we can identify what effort is required in getting MemberDB to a less risky state
UPDATE: Action outstanding, Kathy to follow up

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
High Priority. Tony to update Action Register
UPDATE: still blocked by getting access to the NZ accounts.
UPDATE: Tony still attempting to engage with the bank
The account is currently with Francois Marier as the contact for the account but we may need to move to the new treasurer’s name.
This will be a piece for the T&F sub-committee
There is an outstanding amount for the Ellis’ that needs to be sorted.
To be sorted by Tony.
ACTION: Kathy to chase where this has got to.
Please refer to Action Items list for more items.
4. Items for discussion

Standing item: review activities list for new items

Event Updates:
LCA2017 update
240 paid tickets mostly professional, 70 tickets are speaker tickets. Numbers overall are looking good.
LCA2018 update
Nothing to report
LCA2019 update
Schedule the site inspection for Feb.
PyConAU update
2016 - books are close to closed and completed.
2017 - Budget requires voting on.
Deposit for Venue has been approved.
Drupal South Gold Coast 2016
Drupal South 2017 has been awarded. Talks have started between the new team and LA
Final reconciliation to occur and awaiting a final event report
WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016
Awaiting a final event report
WordCamp Sydney 2016
Still has a few reconciliations to do. Also have an event report outstanding.
CiviCRM 2017 interested in aligning with LA

5. Items for noting
Sae Ra is going through a PD writing process for the Secretarial role. Also talking with the Admin team to briefly bring back the wiki so that we can extract the other PDs.
Motion by Hugh Blemings for Kathy to organise the Software Freedom Conservancy transfer of $10K Australian at the earliest possible
Seconded Kathy Reid
6. Other business
Removal of Francois as an LA Credit Card holder
Backstory: Sae Ra has received a letter in the LA Mailbox addressed to John Ferlito with a credit card for Francois
Council Election Timing.
Earliest we can release
How long do we have nominations open for vs how long we have voting open.
Normally 3 for nominations and 5 for voting.
Suggestion for 4 week for nominations and 4 weeks for voting.

Carried Over from Previous Minutes
Linux Australia as charity funds funnel?
It’s been raised that it would be nice to have Linux Australia (or something else?) as a local, tax deductible vessel via which Australian could donate directly to, for example, the Software Freedom Conservancy.
ACTION: Kathy to reach out to Jon, and try to partner with EFA in regards to Tax Deductible donations. Kathy to respond to the digital rights campaign email.
Kathy to reach out in a couple of weeks time.

New Other Business
7. Other business carried from previous Council