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Welcome to Linux Australia News for June 2011.

If you have any general news or update on a project you are working on that would be of general interest to the greater Linux Australia community then please send a quick email to and we will endeavour to include it in a future update.

News this month: Volunteering for Linux Australia, LCA2012, PyCon AU 2011, DDU2012, BarCamp Geelong, Domain, Website Work, Policy Work, Special General Meetings, Donations and Grants, Community News

Volunteering for Linux Australia

The media subcommittee is still looking for help. The goal of the media subcommittee is to provide a central resource for the council and all the conferences and subcommittees to communicate with the media and vice-versa. Contact


The call for mini-confs opened on Monday 20th of June. We have already received a number of submissions and have had great interest from other parties intending to submit shortly. The proposal window will remain open until Monday the 18th of July.

The call for papers will open this week! Anyone thinking of submitting a talk should start getting their ideas together if they haven't already and listen out for our announcement for the opening. Submissions will be open for 4 weeks. —Josh Stewart

PyCon AU 2011

Third Keynote Speaker has been announced! Audrey Roy is a designer, developer and sysadmin. As an artist she describes herself as the world's #1 orange and rainbow specialist; as a developer she works on Django and Pinax and runs regular meet-up events for female Python programmers. She joins our line up of Mary Gardiner and Raymond Hettinger.

Are you a woman doing cool stuff with Python? Why not apply for the PyCon AU gender diversity grant?

PyCon AU is happy to announce that our program has been selected. This year includes a new classroom track!

Sprints will be held after the conference this year, on the 22nd and 23rd of August. They will be at the same venue, the Sydney Masonic Center.

There are still a number of sponsorship spots left including the newly introduced Video Sponsor and Sprint Sponsor packages. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor and helping support the event, please feel free to contact Tim Ansell and/or checkout our sponsorship page. —Tim Ansell


Drupal Downunder 2012 is excited to announce that Drupal creator and project leader Dries Buytaert has been confirmed as a keynote speaker. The team are working on the conference website and are hoping to open the call for papers shortly. —Peter Lieverdink

BarCamp Geelong

Deakin University's Geelong Waterfront Campus will host BarCampGeelong on Saturday 9th July from 9am to 5pm. BarCamps are "unconferences" - participatory rather than passive events and attendees are expected to present, to share and to contribute to the event.

Although it's the first BarCamp to be held in Geelong, it promises to bring together a wide range of people with an interest in information and communications technology. We're expecting attendees from Deakin University's School of Information Systems, School of Information Technology, Information Technology Services Division and IT students from The Gordon. It's a great way for people to gain experience in presenting on technical topics they're passionate about in a relaxed, informal, friendly environment.

BarCampGeelong costs $10. —Kathy Reid Domain

As announced earlier this month, from this point onwards, the domain will be available year round, rather than the somewhat traditional 6 monthly on/off cycle that many conference regulars have become familiar with. Earlier this year auDA permanently transferred ownership of this domain to Linux Australia, giving the conference a consistent presence.

Website work

Our website got a new look at the end of May thanks to Peter Lieverdink. There’s also several new sections:

  • Get involved, listing different ways to get involved in Linux Australia and in the Australian FOSS community
  • Events, listing Linux Australia’s upcoming events
  • Projects, listing Linux Australia’s projects

Josh Hesketh is working on support for sub-committee reporting for the website.

Policy Work

Remaining policies to be discussed with the community over coming months are:

  • Donations, Grants, Financials
  • Diversity
  • Anti-harassment
  • Lists / planet

Special General Meetings

The Council is aiming to hold a single SGM in July to present the Treasurer’s report and changes to the constitution. A final discussion of the constitutional changes will be held on linux-aus shortly.

Donations and Grants

BarCampGeelong grant for $500 was approved and it is being held on the 9th July, see details of the request.

PHPConfAU is currently on hold, so no decision was made on their grant request.

Previously awarded grants can be found at on the grants page.

Community News

OLPC Australia was awarded a Bronze Lion at this year's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. See Sridhar Dhanapalan’s blog for more information. Congratulations OLPC Australia.

Tickets are on sale for DevOps Down Under (Melbourne, July).

Ruxcon’s Call for Papers is open until 30th July (conf in Melbourne, November).

The Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) call for papers is open until 15th August (conf in Canberra, November).

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