Declaration of Election and Call for Nominations

Dear Linux Australia Community,

Pursuant to clause (15) of the Linux Australia constitution [1] we
hereby declare an election open and call for nominations to the Linux
Council for the term January 8th 2014 to January 2015.
All office bearer and ordinary committee member positions are open for

* Nominations will open 3 November and be available until 3 December
* Voting will open 3 December until 8 January 2014
* Results will be announced at the AGM in Perth at on or
after 8 January

The election can be viewed here:

*What do I need to do?*

First of all, make sure your details are correct in MemberDB [2]

If you wish to nominate, identify the positions you wish to nominate for
and get an understanding of what they involve. Think about what you
might bring to the role and prepare a short pitch. Then, accept the
nomination you've been given by clicking the 'Accept nomination' link.

If you wish to nominate another person for a position, you may wish to
contact them first and have a chat to make sure they're happy being
nominated. Then follow the 'Nominate' link to nominate them.

Once voting is open, you will be able to vote for candidates. Results
will be announced at the AGM at in Perth in January.
**Why should I nominate? *

Being a member of Linux Australia Council is a fun way to meet new
people, work on exciting projects and expand your skill base. It gives
you excellent transferable skills to help build your career, and allows
you to grow your professional network. It looks great on a CV, and is
also a chance to give back to the vibrant Linux and open source
ecosystem in Australia and globally. If you're passionate about Linux
and open source, it's a great opportunity to help drive and steer
Australia's contribution in this field.

The roles do require a time commitment - generally around 2-3 hours per
week - so please consider this with your nomination.


As always, your feedback and questions are warmly welcomed. If you'd
like to have a chat with anyone on Council around what it involves,
please do make contact.

With kind regards,

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479