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  • Council Meeting 14 March 2012

    Wed, 2012-03-14 20:00 - 20:57
    • Present: Clinton Roy, Michael Carden, James Polley, Peter Lieverdink, Joshua Hesketh, John Ferlito, Bianca Gibson.
    • Apologies:


    • LCA 2012 wrap up
      In progress, see Ghosts in two parts.
    • LCA 2013 update
      Team liaison has provided a verbal update.
    • Ghosts in two parts
      LCA2012 debrief - arrangements for March 24.
      LCA2013 team are organising Ghosts.
    • Face 2 face
      Arrangements to be made for April 21 & 22.
      • Media training - Brad Howarth available on the morning of April 22.
  • Council Meeting 15 February 2012

    Wed, 2012-02-15 20:06 - 21:07

    Present: Peter Lieverdink, John Ferlito, Joshua Hesketh, Michael Carden, Clinton Roy, James Polley, Bianca Gibson.


    • President welcomes Clinton to the council.
    • LCA 2012 wrap up
      Some account reconciling still needs to be done, otherwise all going well.
      Debrief on 24 March 2012.

    • LCA 2013 update
      Ghosts after Face2Face. Michael is going to check dates. May 5/6?

  • Council Meeting 2 February 2012

    Thu, 2012-02-02 20:04 - 20:22
    • Present: Peter Lieverdink, Michael Carden, Bianca Gibson, John Ferlito.
    • Apologies: Joshua Hesketh, James Polley.


    • LCA 2012 update
      Motion: LCA2012 was awesome and the team did a great job.
      Proposed: John Ferlito, Seconded: Michael Carden.
      The motion was carried unanimously.
    • LCA 2013 update
      Team are looking to pay deposits on venue, to lock it in. Looking at associated events after LCA,
    • LCA Ghosts (& tie-in media training)
  • 2012 OCM By-Election

    Congratulations to Clinton Roy, the winner of the by-election. Clinton will be joining the 2012 council as OCM.

  • 2012 Annual General Meeting

    Wed, 2012-01-18 17:48 - 18:30

    Caro theatre, Ballarat University, Mount Helen.
    The meeting agenda is available at

    The attendance record shows that 59 members are in attendance.

  • 2012 OCM By-Election

    As you might know, an OCM position was left unfilled after our recent council election, the results of which were announced at our annual general meeting on January 18, 2012. After multiple nominations were received from the floor tt this meeting, it was resolved that Linux Australia would fill the vacant position by running an online by-election.


    The by-election has been set up in MemberDB and the nominations proposed and accepted at the AGM have been added in. The nominees have been asked to accept their nominations and add a spiel.