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  • Council Meeting 11 April 2012

    Wed, 2012-04-11 20:04 - 21:16
    • Present: Bianca Gibson, Joshua Hesketh, Peter Lieverdink, John Ferlito, Michael Carden, James Polley.
    • Apologies: Clinton Roy.


    • LCA 2012 wrap up
      Peter and John travelled to Ballarat to meet with the LCA2012 team for a debrief meeting. The meeting was productive and produced a lot of good feedback for the council as well as the LCA2013 team.
    • LCA 2013 update
      The team have provided the council with a status update via email.
      • Prepaid credit cards for the team - best option and how much to load up?
  • Council Meeting 14 March 2012

    Wed, 2012-03-14 20:00 - 20:57
    • Present: Clinton Roy, Michael Carden, James Polley, Peter Lieverdink, Joshua Hesketh, John Ferlito, Bianca Gibson.
    • Apologies:


    • LCA 2012 wrap up
      In progress, see Ghosts in two parts.
    • LCA 2013 update
      Team liaison has provided a verbal update.
    • Ghosts in two parts
      LCA2012 debrief - arrangements for March 24.
      LCA2013 team are organising Ghosts.
    • Face 2 face
      Arrangements to be made for April 21 & 22.
      • Media training - Brad Howarth available on the morning of April 22.
  • Council Meeting 15 February 2012

    Wed, 2012-02-15 20:06 - 21:07

    Present: Peter Lieverdink, John Ferlito, Joshua Hesketh, Michael Carden, Clinton Roy, James Polley, Bianca Gibson.


    • President welcomes Clinton to the council.
    • LCA 2012 wrap up
      Some account reconciling still needs to be done, otherwise all going well.
      Debrief on 24 March 2012.

    • LCA 2013 update
      Ghosts after Face2Face. Michael is going to check dates. May 5/6?

  • Council Meeting 2 February 2012

    Thu, 2012-02-02 20:04 - 20:22
    • Present: Peter Lieverdink, Michael Carden, Bianca Gibson, John Ferlito.
    • Apologies: Joshua Hesketh, James Polley.


    • LCA 2012 update
      Motion: LCA2012 was awesome and the team did a great job.
      Proposed: John Ferlito, Seconded: Michael Carden.
      The motion was carried unanimously.
    • LCA 2013 update
      Team are looking to pay deposits on venue, to lock it in. Looking at associated events after LCA,
    • LCA Ghosts (& tie-in media training)
  • 2012 OCM By-Election

    Congratulations to Clinton Roy, the winner of the by-election. Clinton will be joining the 2012 council as OCM.

  • 2012 Annual General Meeting

    Wed, 2012-01-18 17:48 - 18:30

    Caro theatre, Ballarat University, Mount Helen.
    The meeting agenda is available at

    The attendance record shows that 59 members are in attendance.