Linux Australia Survey

The Linux Australia Council launched a Membership Survey on 11 May, 2010. The Survey was designed to ascertain what our members expect from Linux Australia and to explore our focus, potential services, how our membership want to engage with us, and to ascertain our relevance to the Linux and FOSS community.

The survey has now been released and is attached to this page. It is comprised of two sections. The first is the answers to the multiple choice questions, these have been supplied in one CSV file with a different section for each question and are the raw aggregate results for each question as downloaded from SurveyMonkey. The second part are the free form responses and comments to questions. These have been summarised into general categories and some stand out comments have been left as examples. Some comments have been paraphrased for privacy reasons.

If you would like to write an analysis based on the survey results but need some more in depth data than is provided in the released data then please email and we will try to provide as much data as we can while taking privacy concerns into account.

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