Council Minutes Tuesday 26th April 2016

Tue, 2016-04-26 19:37 - 20:36

1. Meeting overview and key information
Kathy, Cherie, Katie, Sae Ra

Tony, Craige, Hugh,

Meeting opened by Kathy at 1937hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 12 April are correct
Moved: Katie
Seconded: Sae Ra
Carried with 1 abstention

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list
3 Motions
MOTION by KATHY REID that the GovHack 2016 budget provided by GovHack Subcommittee, and which is assumed to be approved by GovHack Subcommittee, is approved on condition that the following changes are made:
The midline budget should be refactored to estimate a 10% increase in revenue, not a 15% increase in revenue
An expense of $4k should be budgeted to help cover LA Xero / insurance costs
The current contingency should remain

MOTION by KATHY REID that the Event Checklist be pulled into the Policies and Constitution repository to act as a guide for event teams and LA
UPDATE: This has been merged to master on GitHub.

MOTION by KATHY REID that the proposed GovHack Subcommittee policy be approved as the basis on which a GovHack Subcommittee can be formed, replacing in this instance the existing Subcommittee Policy due to the special requirements of the GovHack Subcommittee
ACTION: Kathy to work with Tony. The markdown format of this Subcommittee Policy needs to be PRd and merged to master branch on GitHub. Tony has the markdown format, just needs a PR and a merge.

General correspondence
VPAC Closure
Email notice to be sent out.
MOTION by KATHY REID: that Linux Australia would like to thank the Linux Australia Admin for their quick response and tireless efforts in keeping the Linux Australia infrastructure up and running.
Seconded: KATIE

MOTION by KATHY REID should the spam thread become more heated that Linux Australia Council to place the list in moderation.
Seconded: KATIE

UPDATE: Sohan was chased 25th April, awaiting update
UPDATE: an invoice has been sent. Kathy to raise the invoice and ping Sae Ra to approve in Westpac.

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Request from infrastructure subcommittee for assistance around previous LCA websites.
ACTION: Sae Ra to work with Steve W around this
In Progress
Sae Ra to drop a line to Steve

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
ACTION: Needs analysis of website feature requirements. Should we make things simpler?
Understanding the User Needs of the website
ACTION: Kathy to approach the Membership team Subcommittee.
Draft a survey to better understand the usage of the public facing website. The membership team is in progress.
ACTION Kathy to communicate with the Linux Aus List.
Survey has been sent out to the Linux Aus list.
Need to compile a summary of answers from the survey.
UPDATE: Survey has been completed, and key findings and recommendations sent to the Linux Aus list.
UPDATE: Survey was sentout to the LA list. Look at wireframes and look at candidate platforms. Tl:dr membership team have been doing stuff.

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
High Priority. Tony to update Action Register
UPDATE: still blocked by getting access to the NZ accounts.

Please refer to Action Items list for more items.

4. Items for discussion

Face to face timing and preparation - we should get the ball rolling on this.
Meeting in Melbourne.
ACTION Katie to Setup a doodle poll for an appropriate weekend for face-to-face
7th/8th May
ACTION: Kathy to invite Josh H to Face to Face.
UPDATE: Josh H has confirmed availability for F2F, he is happy to arrive the Friday night and participate for the full weekend. He is awaiting location / accommodation details.
Key items for preparation is accommodation and travel.
ACTION: Tony for travel
ACTION: Kathy for accommodation
FOR DISCUSSION: Agenda items for discussion, adding phone numbers to agenda. Do we want to prioritise agenda items?
ACTION Kathy: Make sure Josh H has the agenda.

Informal request to Hugh from Ben Dechrai BuzzConf asking if LA would consider sponsoring. Have said would float informally with Council in first instance.
Very much in the Linux Australia.
Excellent atmosphere.
It is not an open source event. Semi-corporate presenters.
There are no issues with the integrity or running of the event just not sure that LA should be sponsoring the event because it's not open source focussed.
IF buzzconf was to subscribe to the more open source of the way of things. It is more of a case of needing corporate sponsorship.
It is worth exploring further
Logo/visibility and what options are available etc. It would be worthwhile looking at numbers on what things we could provide.
ACTION: Hugh to have a chat with Ben
UPDATE: In Progress.

Event Updates:
LCA2016 update
Council to formally review the post-event report. And determine if this needs to be sent to the list
Organise debrief.

LCA2017 update
Was very successful.
The history of the venue is there and the running of it should be smooth.
Admin team is up to speed. The running of the conference will be great.

LCA2018 update
ACTION: Katie to chase up the team for information before face-to-face

PyConAU update
Deferred to next teleconference

Drupal South Gold Coast 2016
Cherie to be the point person for this.
ACTION: Kathy to take on the action item spreadsheet.

OSDConf 2015
ACTION: Katie review the event report, and if we should be releasing the report.

Seem to be speeding along.
GovHack NZ are doing wonderful things.

Nothing to report.

Outstanding reimbursement
ACTION Kathy: Outstanding reimbursement

WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016
Just under 2 weeks until show time. They are ready to go.
ACTION Kathy: check to see how things are going.

WordCamp Sydney 2016
Ticking along really well. There’s a little bit of an issue with finance access. All should now be resolved.

5. Items for noting
Nil items for noting

6. Other business
Carried Over from Previous Minutes
Linux Australia as charity funds funnel?
It’s been raised that it would be nice to have Linux Australia (or something else?) as a local, tax deductible vessel via which Australian could donate directly to, for example, the Software Freedom Conservancy.
ACTION: Kathy to reach out to Jon, and try to partner with EFA in regards to Tax Deductible donations. Kathy to respond to the digital rights campaign email.

FOSS As A Service - GNU Social - Moved to Action Items list

7. In Camera
1 item was discussed in camera

2036AEST close.