Council Minutes 23 September 2015

Wed, 2015-09-23 19:50 - 20:20

1. Meeting overview and key information
Chris, Josh Stewart, Sae Ra, James, Tony
Josh Hesketh, Craig,

Meeting opened by Josh Stewart at 1950hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 09 September are correct
Moved: Josh Stewart
Seconded: Tony Breeds
Passed with 1 abstention

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list
MOTION by JOSHUA HESKETH to approve the Grant Request from Andrew Donnellan to fund Russell Keith-Magee as a presenter at CompCon 2015 to the value of $1,200.
PASSED unanimously.

General correspondence

New PyconAU 2016 Subcommittee proposal from RICHARD JONES
MOTION by JOSH HESKETH to accept the proposal of creating a new subcommittee under V2 of the subcommittee policy
Site Chair
Richard Jones (bank account manager)
Conference Members
Javier Candiera
Graeme Cross
Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Rory Hart
Ryan Kelly (treasurer, bank account manager)
Community Members
Chris Neugebauer
Tim Ansell
Clinton Roy
Passed with 1 abstention.
ACTION: Josh H to contact Richard Jones with details and training on accounts etc.
UPDATE: In Progress.

Cheque from Milton State School
PyconAU Registration cheque
ACTION: Sae Ra to deposit the cheque.
UPdate: will be completed tomorrow

Garnishee Order - Office of State Revenue NSW
Same person, different address, new Garnishee order number.
ACTION: Sae Ra to call and follow-up with Kathy Reid

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
Discussion held about means of finding people willing to assist with both the maintenance of the website platform as well as the content available on this.
JOSH H to speak to Donna regarding this
UPDATE: Ongoing
UPDATE: to be moved to a general action item. To do a call for help to work on the website. Could this be treated as a project.
We need to at least get the website to D8 and automate the updating process.
ACTION: Josh to get a backup of the site to Craig
ACTION: Craige to stage the website to see how easy it is to update.
UPDATE: Craige to log in to the website to elevate permissions.
UPDATE: Still in progress
ACTION: Josh H to tarball the site.
Outstanding action

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
Update: Still in progress

ACTION WordCamp Brisbane - JOSH H to contact Brisbane members who may possibly be able to attend conference closing
ACTION: Sae Ra to send through notes on what to say to James.
UPDATE: James delivered a thank you message to WordCamp.
WordCamp was a successful event. Thank you to the organisers.
ACTION: Josh H to get a wrap up/closing report
UPDATE: Organisers are meeting and will submit a closing report.
UPDATE: Still in progress
ACTION: Josh H to ping the team
ACTION: We have a closure report and this is to now be closed off.

ACTION: Josh H to follow-up on Invoices from WordCamp Sydney
UPDATE: Would be interested in changing the subcommittee structure for ongoing conferences. Conference committees to draft a policy.
UPDATE: Currently being followed up.

Admin Team draft budget from STEVEN WALSH
UPDATE: Awaiting for a more firm budget
UPDATE: Still awaiting
UPDATE: Steve is on holidays and it will be followed up later.
UPDATE: Tony to follow up.

Sponsorship for DrupalCamp event:
for Silver Sponsorship valued at $500
MOTION: Approve the expense of $500 for DrupalCamp Sydney
Seconded James
Passed unanimously.
ACTION: Josh H to let DrupalCamp know.
UPDATE: All has been paid.
4. Items for discussion

LCA2016 update
All notification has gone out. Largely completed.
Rego to open in the next couple of weeks.
Josh H to follow up

LCA2017 update
No updates

LCA2018 update
Contact has been made to talk with multiple teams for multiple bids

PyCon AU update
2016 team are having the first sub-committee meeting. So far so good.

Drupal South
Nothing to report

To be held in October 2015

Keen to help out next year. Will be taken off items for discussion until subcommittee was reformed

Reviewed budget has been sent through.
to be held October 10-11 October 2015

5. Items for noting
Second F2F
Dates have been set for 20th-22nd November F2F
ACTION: Send an email on list. Chris will not be able to attend.
ACTION: Council to reply to Josh

Meeting room for AGM has been booked.

6. Other business
Membership of auDA
ACTION: Josh H to sign up with LA CC
UPDATE: In progress
Application has been received. We will be informed of the results in the coming weeks.

Meetup payments for LCA, Humbug, LibrePlanet.
Clinton Roy has been funding the account.
We are currently paying for the SLUG meetup.
Deferred until current meetup account is evaluated and if it can use the LA account or if we have to create a new account.
LCA is now under the Linux Australia account
ACTION: Josh H to find out how to consume the other Meetup events: Humbug, LibrePlanet.
Humbug meetup has a subscription for the next 6 months.

7. In camera
3 items was discussed in camera

2020PM close