Minutes of Council Meeting 20 May 2015

Wed, 2015-05-20 19:53 - 20:20

1. Meeting overview and key information
Josh S, Chris, Sae Ra, James, Craig
Josh Hesketh, Tony Breeds

Meeting opened by Josh S at 1953hrs and quorum was achieved

Key Stats

Stats not recorded this fortnight

MOTION that the previous minutes of 06 May are correct
Moved: Chris
Seconded: Josh S
2 Abstentions

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list

Nil Items

General correspondence

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
Discussion held about means of finding people willing to assist with both the maintenance of the website platform as well as the content available on this.
JOSH H to speak to Donna regarding this
UPDATE: Ongoing
Invoice from LESLIE POOLE
Supporting the Drupal Accelerate fund
UPDATE: In Progress.

DrupalGov enquiry
Have touched base with us to start the process of becoming a subcommittee. Proposal is coming.
Update: Pending

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

ACTION with Josh Hesketh to ensure 3 year server support package in progress
Actions are in progress with Admin Team
UPDATE: A budget will be put forward by the admin team. An initial online hackfest has been conducted. Pending item.
UPDATE: Ongoing.

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
Update: In progress

ACTION: Josh H to check with PyconAU to check their budgetary status.
UPDATE: Budget looks fine and trust the treasurer’s accounting abilities.
ACTION: JOSH to seek actuals in budget from PyconAU committee
UPDATE: In Progress.

ACTION: WordCamp Brisbane - Josh H to request a budget from the subcommittee for council approval.
UPDATE: JOSH H to follow up.
Update: Budget has been approved - Move from Agenda
ACTION WordCamp Brisbane - JOSH H to contact Brisbane members who may possibly be able to attend conference closing
ACTION: Sae Ra to send through notes on what to say to James.

4. Items for discussion

LCA2015 update
No Update
LCA2016 update
Dates confirmed now.
Details on some line items regarding the budget.
CfP opening soon.
LCA2017 update
No Update
PyCon AU update
CfP went very well. Review committee is underway.
Drupal South
ACTION: seek a closure report from Drupal South
WordCamp Brisbane
No UPdate
5. Items for noting
Potential sponsorship of GovHack.
More information is required on the types of sponsorship that LA can look at.
6. Other business
Backlog of minutes
ACTION: Josh H to help Sae Ra with updating the website and mailing list.
UPDATE: Ongoing.
Bank account balances need rebalancing
ACTION: Tony to organise transfers to occur including NZ account.
Appropriate treasurers to be notified.
7. In camera

5 items were discussed in camera.

2020PM close.