Minutes of Council Meeting 25 February 2015

Wed, 2015-02-25 19:48 - 20:08

1. Meeting overview and key information

Mr Josh Hesketh, Mr Josh Stewart, Ms Sae Ra Germaine, Mr Christopher Neugebauer, Mr Craige McWhirter


Mr Tony Breeds, Mr James Iseppi

Meeting opened by Josh Hesketh at 1948hrs and quorum was achieved

Key Stats

Stats not recorded this fortnight

MOTION that the previous minutes of 28 January are correct
Moved: Josh Hesketh
Seconded: Josh Stewart
Carried Unanimously

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list

Nil Items
General correspondence

Shipment from Auckland - Communication from David Bell regarding shipment of linux.conf.au items from Auckland to Geelong.

LinuxSA Domain - Communication from David Lloyd regarding the custodianship of the domain.
Hand-balled to the Admin Team

Office bearer reports and financial audit
Office Bearer reports are in completed and published
Audit is in completed
ACTION: Josh to send through reports to NSW Fair Trading
UPDATE: Josh has lodged these to NSW Fair Trading.

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to seek closure reports on closed events, being DrupalGov, JoomlaDay Sydney, WordCampSydney
UPDATE: WordCampSydney has returned a significant profit, although are still to order Speakers’ Gifts. Council noted the excellent financial outcome of this event.
ACTION in progress with Admin team for 3 year spending plan for hardware replacement
UPDATE: In progress to seek closure reports.
UPDATE: Review of the subcommittees to happen during the Face to Face

Admin Team Spending Plan
ACTION with Josh Hesketh to ensure 3 year server support package in progress
Actions are in progress with Admin Team
UPDATE: Admin Team have a hackfest coming up soon and this can be added to the agenda for the Admin Team to discuss.
Generally in progress.
UPDATE: In progress
ACTION: Josh Hesketh to ping Mr Stephen Walsh

Discussion of YouTube assets raised by KATHY REID based on discussions with TIM ANSELL
ACTION: Josh Stewart to work through with Tim Ansell in due course
In progress, Josh has been working with LCA2015 team on this too.
Awaiting access to servers to continue, but generally in progress
UPDATE: Access to YouTube accounts sorted, and metadata for missing 4 LCA years has been found (2010, 2011, 2013, 2009), test uploads have been successful.
Huge thanks are extended to LEON WRIGHT for his enormous efforts here.
UPDATE: 2009 and 2010 have been uploaded, and now scrapers are being written for 2007 and 2008.
UPDATE: In Progress, very close to being completed.
Commenting on Youtube videos. Via the speakers mailing list to offer the option to close off commenting on Youtube on a case by case basis. To be added into workflows for future LCA’s and conferences
Motion: Josh Hesketh: people generally understand that comments are of the viewers’ and not of the organisation. Council will reach out to speakers to offer the option to close off commenting, with the possibility of having this implemented in Zookeepr.
Seconded Chris Neugebauer
Carried unanimously
UPDATE: This has been completed. Josh Stewart to email Speakers list re commenting etc.

4. Items for discussion
Organising Face to Face
Are there any items that need to be added to the agenda?

Council Induction for Tony, Craig & James - One last check.
What’s still outstanding?
Wiki access
Website access
IRC access
Mailing list access
Google docs access
MemberDB access for Sae Ra
ACTION: Josh Hesketh to give access to Sae Ra
Dropbox access

LCA2015 update
Debrief discussion
LCA2015 was a great success congratulations to the team for organising a great event.
a few wrap up things are remaining. Closing off accounts etc.
Great turn out.
Debrief session to be discussed at the next teleconference
This session to occur the Friday before Ghosts.
Google Hangout/video conf with the Council to be scheduled.
Charity donation
To be discussed at the next teleconference

LCA2016 update
Ghosts meeting: Council to list who should should attend ghosts
All is going well otherwise
Working on the budget.

LCA2017 update
Congratulations to Hobart. Positive responses from the announcement
Dates are now locked in.
All going smoothly.

PyCon AU update
In Progress
Dates and Venue have been locked in.

Drupal South
Opened registrations
Drupal South is next weekend. All is going smoothly

Drupal Gov
Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Nothing to report

5. Items for noting
Nil items were discussed.
6. Other business
Updating of signatories
Waiting on Westpac.

Communication from Anne from Friends of Native Wildlife Inc.
Add the Code of Conduct Licensing to the Face-to-face agenda

Communication from Maggie from Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd.

To be considered by the Admin/Mirror Team
Respond with an apology and advise that this has been forwarded to the Admin team.
ACTION: Kathy to contact Maggie
ACTION: Sae Ra to follow up with Kathy to ensure email was sent.

Home work:
Review F2F agenda. Review current policies/procedures. Review constitution. Prepare for weekend.

7. In camera
Nil items were discussed In Camera.

2008hrs close.