Minutes of Council Meeting 10 September 2014

Wed, 2014-09-10 19:46 - 20:28

1. Meeting overview and key information


Joshua Hesketh, Hugh Blemings, Christopher Neugebauer, Sae Ra Germaine,
Josh Stewart, Kathy Reid


Francois Marier

Meeting opened by Joshua Hesketh at 1946hrs and quorum was achieved

Key Stats

Membership stands at: 3178 members (3174 last fortnight)

Twitter followers stands at: 841 (834 last fortnight)

Subscribers of linux-aus list stands at: 1649 steady

Subscribers of announce list stands at: 594 (593 last fortnight)

Review last minutes and move MOTION that they be accepted

MOTION that the minutes of 27 August are complete and accurate

MOVED by Kathy and SECONDED Sae Ra

MOTION CARRIED by a majority of Council, one abstention

2. Log of correspondence

Motions moved on list

MOTION by KATHY REID that the 3year server support package proposed by
STEVE WALSH of ADMIN TEAM is accepted to the value of $AUD3000
(rounded up in case there's sundries like postage fees etc)
SECONDED by Sae Ra Germaine
CARRIED unanimously

ACTION in progress with Admin team for 3 year spending plan

ACTION with Josh Hesketh to ensure in progress

General correspondence


Report on Pycon 2014 sponsorship requested by CHRISTOPHER NEUGEBAUER
and provided by EWA JODLOWSKA received with thanks



Buying hard disks for the admin team, raised by STEVEN WALSH of
Admin Team
Has been approved and is in progress


Information requested on Oracle Linux contacts from Ms AKANSHA TYAGI
from Oracle
Information provided, no further action at this time


Financial activity survey from Australian Bureau of Statistics
Extension granted, in progress
ACTION for Joshua Hesketh to complete

3. Review of action items from previous meetings


ACTION: Hugh to act as interim moderator of LinkedIn group while the
council determines further action; Hugh to coordinate with Sridhar
on how to add further moderators.


Discussion of YouTube assets raised by KATHY REID based on
discussions with TIM ANSELL
ACTION: Josh Stewart to work through with Tim Ansell in due course
In progress, Josh has been working with LCA2015 team on this too.


Mailing list policy
ACTION: all to read through for further discussion next meeting
ACTION: all agreed to send to Policies mailing list for discussion,
Kathy to action


ACTION: brand/logo policy needs to go on backburner


ACTION: We need to set up a VM to enable continuous delivery for
ACTION: Francois to chat to the LCA2015 team to identify what the
private git repositories are being used for. James Iseppi and Joshua
Hesketh are also key contacts in this space.
In progress, Joshua and a number of other parties meeting next week
to progress.


Congratulations to GovHack on excellent event
ACTION: Kathy to formally correspond with GovHack
ACTION complete, can be removed from minutes next meeting

4. Items for discussion


LCA2015 update
Papers Ctte have notified miniconfs and Speakers
Draft budget progressing
Progressing well


LCA2016 update
Progressing well


LCA2017 update
Discussed in camera


PyCon AU update
Winding down, books are closed for the past conference


Drupal South
Quiet period, conference is in March, media likely to ramp up soon
Organisers are very experience, sponsors are signed up
This is very under control


Drupal Gov
Concluded successfully, now in wrap up phase
Joshua working with them on Xero bits and pieces


JoomlaDay Sydney
Scheduled for mid October
ACTION: Joshua to touch base to check in


ACTION: Joshua to touch base to check in


End of September
ACTION: Joshua to touch base to check in

5. Items for noting


Battle for the Net 10th September
ACTION: Kathy to promote on social media

6. Other business


Noting that elections for the Council 2015 are likely to open in the
next 10 weeks or so, Council were encouraged to give thought to
their intentions for standing for Council next year to ensure a
smooth transition for Council 2015, for discussion at next
fortnight's teleconference


Joshua Hesketh flagged that he has had a talk accepted at LCA2015
Auckland around 'Who is Linux Australia' and this was a great
opportunity for promoting the organisation and encouraged Council to
provide information they feel is salient.


Kathy flagged two Software Freedom Day events happening in Victoria
-in Melbourne and two in Tasmania were flagged by Joshua Hesketh.
ACTION: Kathy to promote Software Freedom Day events via the list
and via Twitter

Christopher Neugebauer left the meeting at 2013hrs so that Council could
discuss conference bids

7. In camera

3 items were discussed in camera, largely around LCA2017 bids and are
not made public at this time.