Minutes of Council Meeting 17 June 2014

Tue, 2014-06-17 19:47 - 20:25

Council Minutes Tuesday 17 June 2014

Joshua Hesketh, Francois Marier, Christopher Neugebauer, Sae Ra Germaine, Kathy Reid
Hugh Blemings, Josh Stewart

Meeting opened 1947hrs

Key Stats

Membership stands at 3137 members (3135 last minutes)
Twitter followers stands at 781 (752 last minutes)
Membership of linux-aus stands at 587 (steady)
Membership of announce list stands at 1597 (steady)

Accept previous minutes as correct

Log of correspondence

Extending mail redirection. Mail has been redirected until 23 December 2014.
No further action at this time.

MOTION on list by Joshua Hesketh that
That the council approves the subcommittee for JoomlaDay Sydney 2014
with the following members:
Tim Plummer - Site Chair
Robert Fairhead - Treasurer
Peter Bui - Assistant Treasurer
The community roles of the subcommittee are to be filled by the council
until appropriate nominations are received.
SECONDED by Kathy Reid
CARRIED by a majority of Council on list
ACTION: Subcommittee to be updated on website
Josh has already let Tim know

Enquiry from AMANDA ROLLOND of SAGE-AU wanting to touch base to learn from LA’s conference experiences
UPDATE: Joshua had a chat with her to share our knowledge

Enquiry from AHSAN REHMAN regarding LA events in Brisbane
UDPATE: Chris has responded to provide further info.

Discussion of having linux.conf.au made a peer-reviewed conference, raised to Council by CHRISTOPHER NEUGEBAUER representing personal correspondence
Council discussed some of the costs and benefits of making linux.conf.au a peer-reviewed conference, including the additional effort and onus, and whether it would have significant benefis in terms of additional attendees. Council discussed the best body to govern this issue.
UPDATE: Further discussion has occurred on list.

Discussion of YouTube assets raised by KATHY REID based on discussions with TIM ANSELL
Council discussed the list of action items and determined to work through them in time. Council noted that YouTube is an ancillary channel for promotion of the Linux Australia brand. Council noted that YouTube uses proprietary software and also raises privacy concerns.
ACTION: Josh Stewart to work through with Tim Ansell in due course

Garnishee order rec’d from NSW Government
Acknowledgement received, but awaiting formal response.
UPDATE: No response received as of 14 June, awaiting response
UPDATE: LA has received further information on a possible other entity that it could have been meant for. No further action at this time.

Notification of closure of OWOOT activities by MARY GARDINER
ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to draft a thank you notice

Enquiry regarding status of Software Carpentry Bootcamp sponsorship request from PHILIPP BAYER
UPDATE: Awaiting further information

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Mailing list policy
Updated budget send through and draft email
4. Items for discussion

LCA2015 update
CfP are now open
We need to work with LCA2015 to form under new Subcommittee policy

LCA2016 update
Key risks around accommodation and being regional. Mitigation activities in progress.

LCA2017 update
Official bid(s) not yet received

PyCon AU update
Early Bird registrations sold out in two weeks
Sponsorship looking very solid
On track for mid-300 delegates
ACTION: Kathy to schedule some tweets

Drupal South
Should be moved to new subcommittee policy

Drupal Gov
In progress

JoomlaDay Sydney
In progress
5. Items for noting
Nil received

6. Other business
One item was discussed in camera

Meeting closed 2025hrs