Minutes of Council Meeting 22 April 2014

Tue, 2014-04-22 19:46 - 20:31

Council Minutes Tuesday 22 April 2014

MINUTES Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business

Present: Joshua Hesketh, Sae Ra Germaine, Christopher Neugebauer, Francois Marier, Kathy Reid, Josh Stewart

Apologies: Hugh Blemings

Quorum was achieved and Joshua opened meeting at 1946hrs
Key Stats

Membership stands at 3118 members (3112 last minutes)

Twitter followers stands at 734 (729 last minutes)

linux-aus subscribers stands at 586 (587 last minutes)

announce subscribers stands at 1584 (1568 last minutes)

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata.

Confirm that the accuracy of;

Minutes of 8 April are correct

MOTION by Joshua that minutes of 8 April are correct


PASSED by a majority of Council with two abstentions (Council members not present at meeting)

2. Log of correspondence

Request from OAMPS insurance for policy renewal and executive summary from Vice President, HUGH BLEMINGS
WAITING on receiving a quote from OAMPS before paying it
This requires urgent attention to ensure we remain in coverage.

Sponsorship invitation from DR BETSY BLUNSDEN of ACSPRI (the organisation who undertook the 2013 Member Survey on our behalf) for support of ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference, December 7-10, 2014 at The University of Sydney

MOTION by Kathy Reid
NOTING Linux Australia’s current budget position, and the possibility of revisiting in October 2014 in the new financial year, Linux Australia recognises the alignment between values of ACSPRI and our own values, but is unable to financially support and would like to instead extend in kind support such as promotion through mailings and social media

SECONDED by Joshua Hesketh

CARRIED unanimously

ACTION: Kathy to correspond appropriately with ACSPRI

Received various correspondence with thanks from DONNA BENJAMIN and PETER LIEVERDINK regarding Drupal South Melbourne, including venue contract and payment information
UPDATE: Francois has already actioned, no further action required

Received with thanks DRUPALGOV CANBERRA 2014 request to umbrella event, including proposal and budget, from ADAM MALONE

MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that a Subcommittee be formed, chaired by ADAM MALONE, under existing Subcommittee policy until such time as new Subcommittee Policy is ratified, at which time the Subcommittee would transition to the new Subcommittee policy.
SECONDED by Christopher Neugebauer
CARRIED unanimously

ACTION: Francois and Joshua to arrange financial delegations, possibly sharing DrupalSouth bank account

Offer of assistance with anti Trans Pacific Partnership agreement activities from PAUL GARDNER-STEPHEN
UPDATE: Feedback was provided back to Josh S, for discussion on next steps

Josh S Will add a comment about similarities with OSIA.

Nearly ready to send.

UPDATE: Minor wording change requested from LUV
ACTION: Josh Stewart to revise and submit, very close to completion

ENQUIRY from CYPRIEN GAY regarding a petition against being forced to buy an operating system when purchasing a computer
ACTION COMPLETE, remove next meeting

NOTIFICATION from TOBIN HARDING to flag that a new Linux Users’ Group (LUG) has formed on the Central Coast of NSW - Central Coast Linux Users’ Group
ACTION: Joshua to update www.linux.org.au to link to the LUG and respond to Tobin
ACTION COMPLETE, remove next meeting

Received unpaid invoice from DrupalSouth 2014 for JOSH WAIHI
ACTION: Kathy to take photo of invoice and submit to Francois for processing
UPDATE: Francois has already processed
IN PROGRESS, awaiting advice from JOSH WAIHI

Received with thanks correspondence related to LCA2015 from CHERIE ELLIS

MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that the main venue and Speakers’ Dinner venue for LCA2015 be approved as per documentation provided by CHERIE ELLIS
SECONDED by Sae Ra Germaine
CARRIED unanimously

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Mainly arising from Face to Face

1. Announce new list CoC.

2. Review of the subcommittee policy is currently under way.

ACTION: All to review the Subcommittee Policy so that we can get it to approval stage.
UPDATE: Close to approval, final approvals to be discussed on list

4. Items for discussion

LCA2015 update

Filling team roles, esp Treasurer, in progress

LCA2016 update

Next meeting Sunday 4th May

Should co-ordinate keynotes and keynote topics with LCA2015
ACTION: Kathy to chat with David Bell to arrange to ensure LCA2015 and LCA2016 co-ordinate keynotes. Hugh happy to act as neutral third party - or papers ctte chair.

LCA2017 update

ACTION: Joshua to resend call for Expressions of Interest

PyCon AU update

ACTION: Kathy to identify CfP and make some noise on Twitter.

In progress, CfP are tracking almost exactly to 2012 level

Drupal South

Some DSW financials to sort out with Andrew Ruthven, mostly under control

DSM has paid their venue deposit

5. Items for noting

The new policy list is live: http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/policies

6. Other business

Shipping and storage of linux.conf.au gear
Plan is to ship the gear to CBR where Steve Walsh can onsend to AKL or BNE as appropriate. Alternatives are not viable - we have complete AV kits and routers, wasteful not to put them to use. What AKL don’t need, can be shipped to GLG for LCA2016. Not sure which budgets it will come out of.

7. In camera
5 items were discussed in camera and due to confidentiality are not being made public at this time.

Meeting closed at 2031hrs by Joshua

Next meeting Tuesday 6th May 1945hrs