Minutes of Council Meeting 25 February 2014

Tue, 2014-02-25 19:51 - 20:13

Council Minutes Tuesday 25 February 2014

Present: Chris Neugebauer, Hugh Blemings, Sae Ra Germaine, Joshua Hesketh, Josh Stewart, Kathy Reid (joined 8.10pm)

Apologies: Francois Marier

Meeting Opened at 7:51pm by Joshua Hesketh

AGENDA Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business
1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata.

Confirm that the accuracy of;

Minutes of 11 February are correct

MOTION by Josh Hesketh that the minutes of 25 February 2014 are complete and accurate, SECONDED Chris, passed unanimously

2. Log of correspondence

Quick stats

There have been 6 new members added since last meeting. Membership stands at 3103 according to MemberDB

Twitter followers stands at 705(696 last minutes)

Membership of linux-aus list stands at 588 (585 last minutes)

Membership of announce list stands at 1569 (1564 last minutes)

GCLUG current status report from STEVE DALTON
FOR DISCUSSION on GCLUG becoming Subcommittee of LA
ACTION: Josh Hesketh to respond to STEVE DALTON with more information

Josh followed up to have a conversation about how this might look with Steve in the future.

Videos from other events getting uploaded to YouTube raised by STEPHEN WALSH at AGM
UPDATE: CHRIS NEUGEBAUER has liaised with RYAN VERNER and STEPHEN WALSH regarding PyCon AU and DDU videos. STEPHEN has since mailed a hard disk to RYAN for providing the archived videos.
UPDATE: Ryan has rec’d hard disk, is working on getting videos on to it

In progress (estimated a few months due to logistics)

Offer of assistance with anti Trans Pacific Partnership agreement activities from PAUL GARDNER-STEPHEN
UPDATE: Feedback was provided back to Josh S, for discussion on next steps

Josh S Will add a comment about similarities with OSIA.

Nearly ready to send.

ENQUIRY from CYPRIEN GAY regarding a petition against being forced to buy an operating system when purchasing a computer
FOR DISCUSSION on next action
ACTION: Hugh to read through make a recommendation

Consistent with LA’s values

Extent of involvement is nothing more than endorsement

MOTION by Hugh Blemings for LA to endorse and lend its support in the form of a link.

SECONDED by Joshua Hesketh

Pass unanimously

ENQUIRY from PETER LAWLER regarding prioritising distribution of conference videos in patent-unencumbered formats over non-free formats.

See http://lists.linux.org.au/private/committee/2014-January/024824.html

MOTION by Josh Hesketh that LA continue to encourage video recording teams to use open source tools and codecs and prioritise them over patent encumbered formats, efforts should be made to transcode them to patent unencumbered formats

SECONDED by Francois and passed unanimously

UPDATE: There have been further discussions on list
For discussion on next steps - defered to F2F

Request to form DrupalSouth 2015 Subcommittee from DONNA BENJAMIN
For discussion on next actions

Josh waiting to have a chat to Donna

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

(Refer Trello for action items and please update current status before meeting)
4. Items for discussion

Organising Face to Face
UPDATE: confirmed as 8-9 March in Hobart
ACTION: All to block out calendars, advise Josh via spreadsheet of accommodation or other requirements, mindful of costs

LCA2015 update

Ghosts is scheduled for the last weekend of March. Invites have been sent.

Making good progress

LCA2016 update

Team is planning meetings and doing initial activities

PyCon AU update

Making good progress

CFP’s to open in the next 2 weeks!

Drupal South

Was held last week, for discussion on wrap-up activities

Josh is chasing wrap up

Joomla Day Sydney
Joshua H has an update
ACTION: Josh to update website

5. Items for noting

Kudos to James Purser for helping out with the web team!

LCA2014 YouTube account got suspended, we would like an update from TIM ANSELL

Awaiting update from Tim Ansell

Chris moves a motion to wish a happy birthday to Kathy and Josh S

Seconded by Sae Ra.

Pass Unanimously.

6. Other business
7. In camera

Two items were discussed in camera.

Meeting closed at 8:13 by Joshua Hesketh