Council Meeting 18 July 2013

Thu, 2013-07-18 19:47 - 20:31

Council Minutes Thursday 18 July 2013

MINUTES Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business

Meeting opened 1947hrs

Present: Mr Joshua ‘El Presidente’ Hesketh, Mr Clinton Roy, Mr Francois Marier, Ms Kathy Reid, Ms Bianca Gibson

Apologies: Mr Hugh Blemings, Mr Josh Stewart

Quorum was achieved

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata

MOTION by Kathy that the minutes from 4 July are correct. Seconded by Clinton, passed with one abstention.

2. Log of correspondence

In the period since 4 July, 14 additional members have joined Linux Australia. Membership now stands at 2964 according to MemberDB.

Invoice for $330 from Matrix On Board for BAS preparation.
Paid, no further action or discussion required.

Westpac statement of banking charges received, no action required

Westpac banking details for LEANNE SHORB (DrupalGov) - where do these need to go?
ACTION: Kathy to see whether there are passwords involved. If there’s a password, we need to pass it on to Leanne, otherwise file for our records.

Request from WordCamp Melbourne DEE TEAL for video camera (grant request)
Council discussed this. Francois has provided Dee with the link to the Grants page. Council is awaiting a formal grant to be raised by Dee. Council noted their in principle support for this request, and desire for funds from the community to go back into the community.

Letter from NSW Department of Fair Trading sent to Public Officer TERRY DAWSON requesting submission of AGM and Audits (URGENT)
RESOLVED El Presidente has sent off all the paperwork that is required, and we are awaiting any feedback or required actions if any from Department of Fair Trading.

Email from CHRIS SKENE regarding DrupalGov Canberra invoices
Believed resolved, no further action required - GST issue resolved

Email from PIA WAUGH of draft GovHack post event report
Received with thanks, general outcomes look fantastic

Email from JAY [surname undisclosed] regarding work experience placement for her son. Kathy has responded, and will provide further info if needed.

Discussion on Council List regarding current state of Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct Canonical T&C and CoC will need to be available for 2014. ACTION: El Presidente to chase down the most recent copy of the T&C and CoC ACTION: El Presidente to put the current policies on GitHub and invite patches and contributions

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

(Refer Trello for action items and please update current status before meeting)

Expiring MemberDB details - we need to give notice by 1 August, which doesn’t leave us a lot of time. Discussion around whether it’s worth doing this year, general consensus that the timing is not right, and that we need to provide more notice. Current Council recommends to 2014 Council that they investigate expiry.
ACTION: El Presidente to establish Wiki page of recommendations for 2014 Council
ACTION: Quite a few things on Trello need a little bit of prodding along

4. Items for discussion

a. Aus Government open document format
In progress

b. CampJS Sponsorship and event options
Clinton has had discussions with Tim Oxley around this

c. Daniel Black and Australian honours
In progress, can be removed from minutes next meeting

d. LCA2014 update
CfP close tomorrow.
ACTION: All to help promote the Call for Papers for

e. LCA2015 bid process update
ACTION: All except Kathy to review LCA bids
(Kathy will abstain on all bid reviews/deliberations as part of Geelong bid team)

f. Pycon AU update (event wrap up, can come off agenda after this meeting)
Pycon AU went amazingly well. Congrats Clinton on running the next Pycon AU.

h. Media subcommittee and Newsletter update
No progress to date.
An excellent start here would be to collate Council Minutes/projects.

ACTION: Bianca to take on if possible

i. Drupal South
No update to report
ACTION: El President to make contact to see how they’re going

j. Drupal Gov
No update to report
ACTION: El President to make contact to see how they’re going

k. Joomla Day Sydney
No update to report
ACTION: El President to make contact to see how they’re going

l. Follow ups to call for participation
Ongoing, can be removed from agenda

m. LUV subcommittee discussions
Noted, we will await any formal approach from LUV

5. Items for noting - 94 days to go until Software Freedom Day

6. Other business

Francois is in the progress of getting access to New Zealand accounts for internet banking.

DrupalSouth will need to be reconciled as their accounts are not connected to Xero.

7. Items discussed in camera

Two items were discussed in camera and are not made public at this time for confidentiality.

Meeting closed 2031hrs