Annual General Meeting 30 Jan 2013

Wed, 2013-01-30 17:35 - 18:22

Minutes of Linux Australia
Annual General Meeting 2013

Held at Manning Clark Centre, Australian National University, Canberra
Wednesday 30th January 2013 1735hrs - 1822hrs

Minutes: Mr Clinton Roy
Apologies: Mr Peter Lieverdink (Secretary)

1. President, Mr John Ferlito, WELCOMED attendees

2. MOTION moved by Mr John Ferlito that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2012 of Linux Australia be accepted as complete and accurate. SECONDED by Mr James Bromberger. Passed unopposed with 2 abstentions.

3. Council provided REPORTS of activities of the preceding year from OFFICE BEARERS

President’s report
Mr John Ferlito THANKED the Council members over the last three years.
Mr John Ferlito led attendees in applause for the organisers and attendees of 2013.
Mr John Ferlito presented his President’s report, and outlined where Council had provided grants over the year.
Mr John Ferlito indicated that Subcommittee reports are available on the Linux Australia website
Mr John Ferlito noted that LOGIN had come on board as a Subcommittee, joining SLUG
Mr John Ferlito noted that the proposed name change for Linux Australia had not been successful in passing
Mr John Ferlito noted that the grants and donations program had been split in two
Mr John Ferlito encouraged attendees to submit more grant requests.

Please refer President’s Report in Appendix 1

Treasurer’s report
Mr Josh Hesketh THANKED all the Subcommittees and led attendees in applause.
Mr Josh Hesketh noted a number of items affecting the budget
Mistake in travel expenditure
Unexpected low hardware cost
Lower than expected cost of media training
Lower than expected cost of Drupal Down Under due to no transcribing
2011 interest has been carried over
Noted that Linux Australia is still using the same budgeting software, Xero
That the Audit indicated that petty cash needs to be tracked better at, and that remediation activities were already under way.
Noted that the net equity for Linux Australia was around $390,000 and that this would likely change after 2014

Mr Joshua Hesketh thanked Mr AJ Towns for his budget review
Mr Joshua Hesketh offered a draft 2013 budget for consideration by attendees
Mr Joshua Hesketh provided a profit and loss breakdown by area
Mr Joshua Hesketh noted that conferences had been profitable in general, and joked that LCA2013 could fix this.
Mr Joshua Hesketh noted that financial statements had been subjected to audit without qualification

QUESTION from Ms. MARY GARDINER suggesting that Linux Australia should review having such a large amount of equity.
Joshua Hesketh answered the question, advising that he thinks LA should spend more, and is hoping to do if elected as President in 2013. He advised that the large amount of equity is a good safety net, and negates the need to purchase insurances in some cases. Joshua noted that interest pays for approximately a quarter of administrative costs, and allows Council to do riskier activities.
QUESTION from Mr. Michael Still questioning whether or not it is still appropriate to ask organisers of to make a profit.
Joshua Hesketh answered the question, advising that reducing’s profit could curtail activities such as the Grants Project. Joshua advised that he wants Linux Australia to do more activities, and spend more money.

COMMENT from Mr Russell Stewart regarding the 2011 floods
It was noted that having a large amount of equity provides significant contingency for unexpected circumstances.

QUESTION FROM Mr Thomas (surname omitted, apologies) regarding whether LA should audit hardware assets such as video recording equipment. A follow up question was asked in terms of auditing old hardware and upgrading.
Both Joshua Hesketh and John Ferlito responded, indicating that hardware depreciates very quickly, and that it is easy to end up spending more on shipping and storage vs just renting the equipment. Steven Walsh responded to the follow up question, advising that we test equipment on an as needed basis, and also use hardware of sponsors. Comment by ANDREW RUTHVEN on fast depreciation on hardware assets, after three years’ it’s essentially worthless.
Please refer Treasurer’s Report in Appendix 2

Secretary’s Report
Mr John Ferlito presented the Secretary’s Report on behalf on Peter Lieverdink.
John requested that the incoming council expire old members.
QUESTION from Mr AJ Towns regarding where do new members come from
Mr John Ferlito responded, indicating that it is not known, but thought to be mainly from

MOTION by Mr John Ferlito that the Office Bearer’s reports are accepted. SECONDED by Mr Joshua Hesketh, and carried unopposed.

MOTION by Mr John Ferlito that the Auditor’s report 2012 is accepted. SECONDED by Mr Terry Dawson, carried unopposed with 2 abstentions.

4. Presentation of Audit for 2010
Due to the Auditors’ Report being unavailable for the 2011 Annual General Meeting it had to be tabled. Mr John Ferlito presented the Auditors’ Report for 2010.

MOTION by Mr John Ferlito that the 2010 Audit be accepted. SECONDED by Mr Joshua Hesketh. Carried unopposed with 5 abstentions.

MOTION by Mr John Ferlito that the actions of Council for 2012 be endorsed. SECONDED by Mr Terry Dawson. Carried unopposed with 4 abstentions.

Mr Terry Dawson took the stand and THANKED the outgoing Council.

5. Declaration of election and incoming Council 2013

RETURNING OFFICER Mr TERRY DAWSON has satisfied himself that the voting was regular.

With 63 of 109 votes cast, Mr JOSHUA HESKETH was elected PRESIDENT
With 77 of 100 votes cast, Mr HUGH BLEMINGS was elected VICE PRESIDENT
with 77 of 103 votes case, Ms KATHERINE (KATHY) REID was elected SECRETARY
with 92 of 92 votes cast, Mr FRANÇOIS MARIER was elected TREASURER
with 91 of 251 votes cast, Ms BIANCA GIBSON was elected ORDINARY COMMITTEE MEMBER
with 80 of 251 votes cast, Mr JOSH STEWART was elected ORDINARY COMMITTTEE MEMBER
with 80 of 251 votes cast, Mr CLINTON ROY was elected ORDINARY COMMITTEE MEMBER

All office bearers will serve a term from January 2013 to January 2014, at which time they may seek re-election.

Mr John Ferlito congratulated the incoming Council
QUESTION from Mr PAUL LEOPAULD regarding how to become a member of Linux Australia
Mr Joshua Hesketh answered that becoming a member occurs if the registration box is checked on conference registration, but that it is a manual process behind the scenes. A follow up question was asked regarding expiration dates, and Joshua Hesketh responded that membership does not currently expire.
QUESTION from Ms TRINDY OAKLEY regarding whether the Regional Delegates’ Programme for is international
Ms Bianca Gibson responded, indicating that yes, however the timing is difficult as visa issues can take a long time to resolve. There were 7 RDP recipients at 2013, none of whom were international.
QUESTION from Mr Ian Loxton regarding how much Regional Delegates’ Programme for costs Linux Australia
Ms Bianca Gibson responded, indicating that the budget was $AUD10,000 +/- 10%, and that it was all spent this year. A follow up question was asked by Ms TRINDY OAKLEY as to whether the RDP is just for Ms Bianca Gibson responded yes, but that pycon-au also has diversity grants available. It was noted that Mr MICHAEL STILL ran the last RDP. It was noted that Linux Australia spent more than twice as much as the last diversity grant sponsor. This was greeted with applause.
QUESTION from Ms BRIANNA LAUGHER questioning whether, given the difficulty eliciting bids for 2014, should change to make it easier
Mr Joshua Hesketh responded, indicating that this year was a bit of a wake up call, and that Council is keen to get back to basics for Joshua Hesketh encouraged people to attend the LCA2014 BoF if they were interested in submitting a bid for 2014. Comment was made by Mr MARCO OSTINI around the imporance of and the clear passion in the community for it. Mr Joshua Hesketh noted that Mr RUSTY RUSSELL has not technically run a General comments from previous organisers indicate it was a positive experience for them.

Mr Joshua Hesketh proposes closing the meeting at 1822hrs. SECONDED by Ms Mary Gardiner and the meeting is closed.


Appendix 1 - President’s Report from Mr John Ferlito


This will be my third and last President's report. As I have already
announced I am not running for President in 2013. I would like to take
this opportunity to thank all of those that have supported me during
my time as President and Treasurer before that. It has been an
interesting journey and I have learnt a lot along the way. I hope that
I can continue to help Linux Australia from the sidelines and you
never know, I may be back some day.

# Council

The Linux Australia council aims to meet once per fortnight. Since the last
AGM, the council held 17 telephone conferences as well as a face to face
meeting in Sydney.

Early in 2012 we held an OCM by-election to fill the vacant position
not filled at the AGM. Clinton Roy was elected as an Ordinary
Committee member.

# Conferences

This year we have had the opportunity to support even more open source
conferences. The conferences for 2012 were:

* LCA 2012
* Drupal Downunder 2012
* Barcamp Melbourne 2012
* PyConAU 2012
* Wordcamp Melbourne
* Wordcamp Sydney

In 2013 we will be adding Joomla Day Melbourne into the mix and we
will also say goodbye to Drupal Down Under with the emergence of
Drupal Con coming to Australia for the first time.

I think that supporting Open Source conferences is one of the things
that Linux Australia does quite well. If you are thinking of running
and Open Source conference or already do, then it is well worth while
getting in touch with the LA Council to see if we can help you out as

I would like to extend my thanks to all the subcommittees organising
the conferences. It is these individuals that put in the hard yards to
make all our conferences a success and without them none of it would
even be remotely possible.

# 2013 2013 is being held in Canberra, during Canberra's
centenary. Most of the Canberra team is made up of old hands who
have been involved in at least one LCA before. This has made working
with the 2013 team an enjoyable experience and I'm sure that they will
put on an excellent conference that will be talked about for years to

# 2014 Bid Process

The bid process this year was a difficult one. In the original call
for bids, while we received some expressions of interest, the council
ended up not receiving a bid from any teams.

After a second round of bidding two bids were received from the
community, one from Perth and one from Sydney. The bids were examined
by the council and site visits were made in November. The successful
bidder will be announced at the closing ceremony of 2013
in Canberra.

# Sub-Committees

The current non-conference based sub-committees are:

* Admin Team
* Mirror Team
* Web Team
* Sydney Linux Users Group
* LOGIN (NewcastleLUG)

Reports from the various sub-committees and their activities can be
found at

# Grants and Donations

This year Linux Australia split the grants budget into a $10,000
grants portion and $10,000 for sponsorships and donations. These
schemes aim to support and encourage the community in fostering open
source, whether this be helping to organise a conference or manning a
stand at an expo.

This year the following projects were supported by these schemes.

* AdaCamp
* Goldcoast Techspace
* Drupal Code Sprint
* Open Standards Report Submission to UK Cabinet Office Open Standards
Consultation by Brendan Scott

This year LA also kicked off a Regional delegates programme around
LCA, this has enabled individuals who would not normally have been
able to afford to attend the conference to participate. Approximately
$10,000 was allocated which enabled us to sponsor seven individuals
from around Australia.

# Name change

Early this year the council proposed that Linux Australia should
change it's name to something that was more encompassing of it's
broader goals and the more general relevance of Open Source vs Linux
to the broader community. A choice of potential names, including no
change was put to a vote. The outcome was for no change.

# Other News

The Rusty Wrench award was awarded to Mary Gardiner in 2012 for her
long running contributions to supporting women in open technology and

The new server hardware purchased in 2011 has begun to be deployed.

At the council face to face this year, media training was organised
for the council as well as members of the LCA2013 team.

# Finally

I would like to thank the 2012 council as well as all the previous
councils who I have worked with over the last three years. Their
support has been invaluable to me. The list of accomplishments which
we have achieved over the last three years is something that I think
we can all be proud of.

John Ferlito
President, Linux Australia

Appendix 2 - Treasurer’s Report

Hello all,

Please find attached my Treasurers report for the period 1st of October
2011 through to the 30th of September 2012.

Additionally our 2012 independent audit is also attached.

These items will be presented during our AGM next Wednesday at LCA.

If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them on or off list.
Should you want to chat at LCA I'm more than happy to.

Joshua Hesketh
- Treasurer, Linux Australia

Attachments available at;

Appendix 3 - Secretary’s Report

Linux Australia Secretary's Report for 2012

New Memberships

On 1 January 2012 Linux Australia had 3156 members.
On 1 January 2013 Linux Australia had 3405 members.

This means that over the course of 2012, Linux Australia has gained 249 new members.

Yearly membership expiry (unless re-confirmed) has not been implemented, so an unknown number of members is currently inactive.

Peter Lieverdink

Appendix 4 - Attendance list

Ben Powell
A. Ashley
A. Harvey
C. Neugebauer
N. Steicke
T. Ansell
J Stanley
J. Polley
G. Cockburn
D. Sobey
J. Dalton
M Pool
B. Marshall
R. Stuart
B. Gray
L. Holmwood
Jeremy Visser
Michael Ellery
James Henstridge
Steven Pickles
Stephen Rothwell
Chris Yeoh
Russell Cocker
Grant Diffey
Craige McWhirter
Andrew Ruthven
James Iseppi
Andrew Donnellan
Andrew Pam
Daniel Jitna
David Tulloh
Brianna Laugher
Daniel Black
Jason Nielsen
Julian DeMarchi
Craig Sanders
Simon Pamment
Andrew Steele
Andrew McDonnel
Jan Felix Echmaheit
Niell Cox
Shaun Nykvist
Jared Ring
Nigel Marshall
Sven Andsvie
Niler Leinent
Ambrose Andrews
Ron Skeoch
Richard Howard
Jermey Charoenphol
Peter Lawler
Julian Goodwin
Ian Loxton
Terry Dawson
Josh Stewart
Bianca Gibson
Trindy Oakey
Michael Still
SaeRa Germaine
Eyal Lebedinksy
Kathy Reid
François Marier
John Kristensen
Silvia Pfeifer
Marco Ostini
Michael Carden
Tomas Miljenovic
Micahel Davies
Andrew Bartlett
Mary Gardiner
Lev Lafayette
Anthony Towns
Steve Walsh
Brian May
Nick Bannon
Paul DelFante
Jeff Saiff
Eyan deKock
Mark Suter
Luke Woolard
James Bromberger
Jeff Waugh
Hugh Blemmings
Andrew Pollock
Steven Hanley


Gordon Condon
Fraser Tweedle
Paul Leopauld