Council Meeting 16 January 2013

Wed, 2013-01-16 20:33 - 20:56

Present: Bianca Gibson, Joshua Hesketh, Clinton Roy, Peter Lieverdink

Apologies: Mike Carden, John Ferlito


  • Council election has opened: lots of candidates, all good.
  • Steve Walsh’s request for travel budget for Admin team meetup at LCA2013.
    - Motion: We approve travel request for admin team members who otherwise couldn’t make it on the proviso that a report comes back from the meeting at LCA.
    • Proposed: Josh
    • Seconded: Clinton
    • Passed unanimously
  • LCA2013
    - Lots of good team meetings happening on the ramp up.
    - About to spend a lot of money to make things happen.
  • LCA2014
    - Planning has begun.
    - Clinton to contact re progress for announcement at LCA and preliminary ghosts plans.
  • PyCon AU report
    - 2013 is coming along well. Sponsors starting to come on board. Venue booked in.
    - Calendar clash with EuroPython
  • RDP Status
    - Applicants are in.
    - Working out budget to see how many we can send.
    - Announcement coming soon.
  • Financial Audit
    - Audit complete. Council will review.
  • Office reports
    - In progress.
  • General Business
    - Current council lunch planned at LCA Wednesday.