Council Meeting 17 October 2012

Wed, 2012-10-17 20:04 - 20:45

Present: James Polley, Joshua Hesketh, Bianca Gibson, Michael Carden, Clinton Roy

Apologies: Peter Lieverdink,  John Ferlito.


Meeting opened at 8:04pm AEST

LCA2014 internal bid discussion. Site visits to bidding teams to be arranged.

LCA2013 update

  • Earlybird registrations are sold out.
  • Much activity - mostly around altering details for delegates.

Rusty Wrench

  • Josh to set up nomination form mid Nov.

Code of conduct

  • In Progress.
  • Continuing to seek advise.


Name change

  • JP to follow up with JF about whether first round is ready to start.

Closed 8:45pm