Council Meeting 4 January 2012

Wed, 2012-01-04 20:06 - 20:54
  • Present: John Ferlito, Peter Lieverdink, Alice Boxhall, Michael Carden, James Polley, Kelly Yeoh.
  • Apologies: Joshua Hesketh.


  • LCA 2012 update
    Josh Stewart phoned in to provide an update from the lca team.
    AMEX is working! No major problems to report. Registrations tracking only sightly below the target. Volunteers are under control.
  • Community Awards
    Remove ineligible canidates and send short-list to Rusty & Kim & Pia.
  • Election
    Running, button on site front page.
  • AGM Agenda
    Based on last years agenda.
    Send out president's and treasurer's report. This week.
  • LCA 2013 update
    The team are preparing for a reveal at the LCA2012 closing ceremony.
  • Drupal Downunder 2012
    Edging the 200pax barrier, preparations are progressing well. 
  • Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus
    • Code of Conduct
      Alice has created a summary of comments. Council will re-read this week. Alice suggests some accompanying documentation.
      How are we going to ensure that the CoC and policies are enforced at events?
  • Treasurer's report
    See AGM^
  • Update on new server hardware
    Has been delivered
    RAID boot issues - sjh to troubleshoot
  • Secure Boot seems to have quietened down. Pursue?
    JF will try and find some time for this