Council Meeting 10 November 2011

Thu, 2011-11-10 20:04 - 20:40
  • Present: Michael Carden, Joshua Hesketh, Josh Stewart, Peter Lieverdink, John Ferlito, James Polley.
  • Apologies: Alice Boxhall, Kelly Yeoh.


  • LCA 2012 update
    An LA representative needs to contact SecurePay and demand that AMEX payments are enabled.

  • Community Awards
    The Rusty Wrench has been found! Council will accept nominations via website. Will send a shortlist to previous recipients, who choose a winner.
  • Election
    Must remember to announce election before it opens.
  • LCA 2013 update
    LCA2013 team have access to the LCA2013 account.
  • Budget progress for new financial year (provisionally starting 1 October)
    Draft is at
    Provisionally, we've run slightly over the past budget because we purchased new hardware.
  • Drupal Down Under 2012
    Tracking well. CFP will close 14 Nov.
  • The Ada Initiative/Adacamp grant request
    Motion: Tentatively approve a $1000 grant. Unless someone speaks up on the list and objects, in which case we'll re-visit this vote, approve the grant request when the 7 week waiting period passes on November 15.
    Proposed: John
    Seconded: Peter
    Motion was carried unanimously.
  • Treasurer's report
    Need to kick off audit of the next report.
  • Code of Conduct
    Need to accept the change on the google doc and publish.
  • Update on new server hardware
    New hardware has been ordered.
  • Secure Boot seems to have quietened down. Pursue?
    Publish a statement on where LA stands on EFI SecureBoot. Agreeing with the whitepapers (RedHat & Canonical & Linux Foundation)