Council Meeting 15 September 2011

Thu, 2011-09-15 20:06 - 20:32
  • Present: John Ferlito, Michael Carden, Joshua Hesketh, Kelly Yeoh, Josh Stewart.
  • Late: Peter Lieverdink.
  • Apologies: Alice Boxhall.


  • LCA 2012 update
    Registrations are open and there is a schedule. Great work LCA2012 team!
  • LCA 2013 bid process
    John going on the first LCA 12013 bid team visit this weekend
  • Budget progress for new financial year (provisionally starting 1 October)
  • Drupal Down Under 2012
    They've been too busy attending DrupalCon.
    Opening regos in the next week or two
  • Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus
    • Code of Conduct - Kicked off
      First response is TL;DR? Generally positive. Maybe add a summary at the top.
    • Donations
    • Media team Charter
  • Advocacy team?
    No progress
  • Constitutional amendments
    Been and done. John is filling out the Office of Fair Trading paperwork and will lodge it.
    Need to file: constitutional change, AGM, public officer.
  • Moving to Mediawiki
    In progress. John to contact Peter re a new namespace.
  • Non-Paypal payment gateways
    Joshua has started some research for alternatives. Best option is probably multiple merchant accounts.
  • Mary's resignation
    Motion: To appoint James Polley to fill the casual vacancy on the council.
    Proposed: John
    Seconded: Kelly
    Passed with 4 affirmative votes and an abstention from Michael. Welcome aboard.
  • Code of Conduct
    In progress (see above)
  • Quote for new server hardware
    $11k (GST ex) sofar. May go to $13k (ex GST) once harddrives are sorted. The council gives John permission to spend up to confirm a finalised quote up to $13k (GST ex) for new hardware.
  • Face to face
    Will re-evaluate whether we need a face to face after the LCA 2013 site visits.