Council Meeting 27 June 2011

Mon, 2011-06-27 20:02 - 20:22
  • Present: John (chair), Alice, Peter, Kelly, Michael, Mary
  • Apologies from Josh.


  • LCA 2012 update
    Progressing nicely.
  • LCA bid process
    In hand. Council is liaising with bid teams to arrange a visit.
  • Budget progress for new financial year (provisionally starting 1 October)
    Postponed, treasurer not able to dial in.
  • Drupal Down Under 2012
    Three confirmed keynotes.
  • Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus
    • Donations
      On hold pending harassment and diversity policy work.
    • Harassment
      Tidy up before LCA registrations open.
    • Diversity
      Work on a draft.
  • SGM planning
    • Treasurer's report
      The auditor needs to fix up two items, waiting for that. Both John and Josh are happy with it now.
    • Constitutional amendments
      John has set up a git repository with the new model constitution and is creating each new amendment as a commit. We'll use this to create a list of amendments that we can send to linux-aus for discussion. About a week after that, we can announce the SGM.
      Would prefer to have the SGM before the end of July, requires 21 days notice.
  • Moving to Mediawiki
    Peter is working on this, theme issues.
  • Non-Paypal payment gateways
    Josh is looking into these.
  • 2011 additional F2F?
    Do we need one? Possibly not. We might be able to have working bees instead and work collaboratively via the intertubes.
  • Motion: To accept PyCon's revised budget.
    Proposed: John
    Seconded: Mary
    Carried unanimousy.
  • New Hardware
    Speaking with a potential sponsor.