Council Meeting 31 March 2011

Thu, 2011-03-31 20:00 - 20:31


  • Present: John Ferlito, Michael Carden, Alice Boxhall, Joshua Hesketh, Mary Gardner
  • Apologies: Peter Lieverdink, Kelly Yeoh


  • LCA bid process:
    No bids submitted yet.
  • Budget progress
    Nothing to report.
  • Drupal Down Under 2012:
    Have access to banks. Venue deposit in progress
  • Progress of 2010 financial audit:
    In progress.
  • Values Policy:
    Nearly ready to send to list.
  • Steve Dalton - request for Barcamp sponsorship:
    Michael moves to support Barcamp to the value of $200.
    John seconds.
    Passed unanimously.
    LA agrees with the aims of Barcamp and this sponsorship reflects that stance.
  • Publication of F2F minutes:
    Nearly ready. John to work on tonight.
  • Move of financial year:
    Decided on proposing the financial year ends on the end of September. A motion will be put forward at the SGM.
  • Journalist Liz Tay and comments on AGIMO OSS guidelines:
    Michael will contact Liz and speak on behalf of Linux Australia.