Council Meeting 17 March 2011

Thu, 2011-03-17 20:03 - 20:41

Present: John Ferlito, Peter Lieverdink, Michael Carden, Mary Gardiner, Kelly Yeoh, Alice Boxhall, Joshua Hesketh.


  • Council face to face
    All set. All accommodated. Will meet at 9am on saturday.
    John will ask members for possible discussion points in email.
  • LCA bid process
    John will announce bids opening.
  • Budget progress
    To be addressed at face to face.
  • Plan for presentation of financials & audit for 2010 and subsequent years
    Waiting for the auditor.
    Keep track of how long this process will take, so we have an idea how where to move the financial year end.
  • Drupal Down Under 2012
    All under control. Put link to budget on TRAC.
  • SFD Melbourne
    In progress.
  • PLUG schwag request
    In progress.
  • SLUG's motion to wind up
    Sent back to SLUG, with request to re-phrase as two motions. LA cannot accede to the request as-is.
  • Grants policy re LUG travel
    Work on a policy at face to face.