Council Meeting 3 March 2011

Thu, 2011-03-03 20:04 - 20:42

Present: Kelly Yeoh, Michael Carden, Mary Gardiner, John Ferlito, Alice Boxhall, Joshua Hesketh, Peter Lieverdink


  • Council face to face
    Working on the agenda. All flights and accommodation are booked.
  • LCA bid process
    John will mail a reminder to the lists that bids will open on March 15. John will remind teams they can run drafts past the council if they want support.
  • LCA Ghosts
    Ghosts was held in Ballarat this past weekend. It went pretty well and the council is confident the Ballarat team will deliver a great conference next year.
  • Budget progress
    Discuss the budget at face 2 face.
  • Ada Initiative sponsorship announcements
    There has been discussion on the council list regarding the donation to tAI and the generally positive response from members.
    Mary says the Ada Initiative are preparing an announcement.
  • Plan for presentation of financials & audit for 2010 and subsequent years
    Joshua has contacted an auditor for a quote and is working on the treasurer's report, so it can be presented to members along with the announcement of the SGM, well before the actual AGM. Joshua will investigate with Fair Trading NSW whether we can shift the financial year. If we can move it earlier we get two benefits: not right in the middle of LCA prep and more time for the audit.
  • Donations policy
    Discuss the donation at face 2 face. The council would like to thank Kathy Reid for her initial work on this policy.
  • Mary's list policy draft
    Discuss the list policy at face 2 face. 
  • Drupal Down Under 2012
    John Ferlito proposes a motion to accept the request by Brian and support DDU2012. The motion is seconded by Joshua Hesketh.
    The motion is carruied with one abstention.
    Peter abstains due to a conflict of interest.
  • SFD Melbourne
    John has replied to Kathy.
  • PLUG schwag request
    John has replied to Alastair.
  • SLUG's motion to wind up
    There are some caveats in the SLUG request, which the council isn't entirely sure about. We will contact James regarding these points prior to making a decision.

    The council will finalise the LUG policy and ask members for feedback, before making a decision.
  • WordCamp
    Ran this past weekend and very well. 200 attendees. Anthony says he will rerun WCMelb next year. There may be a GoldCoast WC later this year as well.

General Business

Michael is attending the Australian Digital Alliance copyright event at the national library on Friday March 4 and will represent LA.