Council Meeting 17 February 2011

Thu, 2011-02-17 20:05 - 20:58
  • Present: John Ferlito, Michael Carden, Mary Gardiner, Joshua Hesketh, Peter Lieverdink, Kelly Yeoh, Alice Boxhall
  • Apologies: 


  • Improvements to harassment policy
    Do some work on it at face to face.
  • LCA team gifts
    In progress.
  • LCA bid process
    We have an expression of interest.
  • Julien's network in a box & hardware refresh
    John will contact Julien and ask for a detailed plan and budget.
  • Mary's LCA feedback proposal
    In progress, and will be covered at ghosts.
  • Response to mailing list behaviour
  • Values statement (drafted, but unfinished?)
    John will share Elspeths document with Kelly and Mary as well.
  • Diversity policy and harassment policy
    Visit this at face to face and sort it once and for all.
  • Budget progress (follows on from the Ada Initiative discussion, but now broader)
    Accountants are preparing the accounts for an audit. When done we can call an SGM and get it approved.
  • Donation to Ada Initiative: amount and timing
    Michael proposes LA donate $5k to the Ada Initiative
    Seconded by John
    The motion was carried with one abstention.
  • HackerSpace Melbourne
    HackerSpaces have decided to incorporate and will not become a subcommittee.
    The council has agreed to hold a cash donation in escrow for HackerSpaces.

General discussion

  • We got a hardware refresh request from the mirror team.
  • Insurance is up for renewal in April.