Council Meeting 3 February 2011

Thu, 2011-02-03 19:05 - 20:09

Present: John Ferlito, Mary Gardiner, Alice Boxhall, Joshua Hesketh, Michael Carden, Peter Lieverdink, Kelly Yeoh


  • Response to mailing list behaviour & Improvements to harassment policy
    T&C / CoC / Harrassment Policy. LA will set these and associated events will use them.
  • Ada Initiative
    John: Proposes LA will support the Ada Initiative.
    Joshua: Seconded.
    Carried with one abstention.
  • Council face to face
    Lets try to meet up in the next 2 months. 2 days over the full weekend. Less vision and decision making, more actual work this time
  • LCA bid process
    John wants to use the same time intervals, but start a few months sooner. As in: this weekend.
    Michael declares a conflict of interest, as he is on the Canberra bid team.
    Joshua will be the liaison for 2013 bid teams.
  • Julien's Network in a Box & hardware refresh
    Ask Julien to form a networking subcommittee with Steve, to move his Network in a Box idea forward and keep all stakeholders happy.
  • Mary's LCA feedback proposal
    Ask Josh from the Ballarat team to solicit LCA2011 feedback from LCA luminaries. Suggest phone calls.
  • Brianna's suggestion re: Australian Digital Alliance copyright forum
    Michael to attend on LAs behalf if he is able to. LA will reimburse costs.
  • Event video, now and in the future
    Video and audio must be made available via the LA mirror as soon as possible. Not elsewhere first. The policy must specify an open license and open format.

General business

  • Michael and Joshua will be a redundant array of 2012 team liaisons.
  • Draft a list of recommendations for LCA events. Opinions on auctions etc.
  • Can LA support groups wanting to run events in smaller regional towns? OSDC? PyConAU? DevOps? in Alice Springs?
  • Joshua would like the team to review his draft policies so they can be published.