Council Meeting 1 September 2010

Thu, 2010-09-02 20:14 - 20:48

Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

Apologies: Alice Boxhall, Linday Holmwood, Michael Carden
Present: John Ferlito, Joshua Hesketh, Peter Lieverdink, Elspeth Thorne


  • Accept minutes of Last Meeting
    Include SFD motion in SFD item.
    Carried unanimously.
  • Status update on LCA2010
    All moneys have been transferred. Joshua is going to link the LCA2010 account in Xero and start reconciliation. Remove agenda item from future meetings. Joshua to check with Andrew on tax status in a month or so.
  • Status update on LCA2011
    Papers f2f went well. Speakers are being notified and the schedule is being worked on.
  • Status update on LCA2012
    We have received a bid from Ballarat. We will discuss some finer details with the bid team.
  • Status update on LA Shwag
    Have received a request from Melbourne SFD. Unless we can sell 1000 Tuzzes, Joshua will investigate whether we can donate them to either a sponsor (tassie devil foundation) to be sold off or to a children's charity.
    Computerbank will try to sell the keyboards.
  • Status update on Survey
    In progress.
  • Diversity policy
    John will try to find some reinforcements to help Sarah.
  • Brendan Scott's project.
    In progress.
  • Drupal DownUnder subcttee request
    Motion: Appoint an LA subcommittee to run Drupal Downunder in Brisbane in January and provide financial infrastructure and PLI.
    Proposed: John
    Seconded: Joshua
    Carried unanimously.
  • Community wiki Progress
    Peter to find some testers.
  • Insurance query re HackerSpaces; machinery accident cover etc?
    In progress.
  • Associations Incorporation Act 2009
    In progress.
  • Planning weekend
    Good idea in principle. Perhaps attach media training as well.
    Peter to set up a google spreadsheet asap to organise availability dates.
  • Tag & testing
    A kit costs approximately $1000.
    Peter to check pricing on certification.

General Business

Discussion of any items that provide relevant information to the council and which might generate motions for next meeting or new action items.